Clean Identical & Similar Images on your Mac with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate & similar images of all types can be a major issue especially when they hog up disk space. If you love clicking pictures & saving clicked memories, you must have accidentally imported a set of pictures twice, from your phone or camera or any other media device. You might be even renaming your images and creating copies of them on random locations. Using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an ultimate duplicate photo finder tool to solve problems like less storage, duplicate photos in library & disorganized picture collection. Continue Reading →

RightBackup Anywhere – The Ultimate Data Savior! Backup and Restore in 3 Easy Steps!
Right Backup for Android

Now that the cloud storage war has begun, it has gone intense on many levels. Users are high on expectations and have become cloud savvy ever since cloud storage has hit android. The next hunt is on for easy backup and restore in not more than few clicks. The fight focuses on getting better than the other players in the market. The right approach to backup and restore data easily is lacking in various apps; that’s where RightBackup Anywhere comes in. Continue Reading →

Increase your PC speed
RegClean Pro

Have you noticed that your PC looks to be performing slow and even just routine tasks can start to crawl? The first step to fixing a slow PC is to verify that what the actual source of the problem is, why your PC speed has gradually decreases? PC that slow to startup, unresponsive, frequently freezes or crash, takes ages to open applications, may suffer from many things. Continue Reading →

How do I get rid of JollyWallet

JollyWallet is an adware toolbar that gets installed along with other programs. Once it finds its way onto your PC, you will start seeing annoying advertising popups on the web pages you view, though does not actually harm your PC or data in any way. Continue Reading →

Repair Windows Performance problems
RegClean Pro

Windows PCs are powerful machines and incredibly fast, but they have a tendency to be sluggish and can get more slower over time. Launching and switching programs takes longer, annoying error messages appears more often, and even simple tasks become difficult, you know what a pain that can be. Continue Reading →

The common problem for PC users? Speed.
Advanced System Optimizer

Are you the one whose PC speed seems to suddenly be far less than it used to be? Well, you may not be alone; this is the most common problem among users.

No matter how powerful and fast windows machines are, performance issues are getting bigger by the day. Continue Reading →

How do I securely remove data from my old PC?

Why isn’t just deleting the data enough?

When you simply delete a file, it is not actually removed. It is because when you save a file, your PC stores the name of the file in a file allocation table and its contents on the hard drive. So when you delete it, file references from the file allocation table will be removed but the data of this file will remain the same. Continue Reading →

Audio Problem – How to fix it?
Audio Problem

If sound is not coming from your PC speakers/headphones, you may be in one of two situations. Either your hardware isn’t setup properly or an outdated/incompatible/damaged driver is disrupting communication between the PC and the sound card. And it’s possible too that your set defaults the volume on different input devices down to zero. Continue Reading →

Slow browser. How to speed it up?

Browsers are hugely important and most of us expect them to be robust and fast especially when accessing email, news, entertainment or searching for something online. Continue Reading →

How to make text bigger in Windows 8

Whether your eyes are aging, your young eyes need glasses, or you find yourself in the need of enlarging the font size for some other reason, here are a few things you can try to adjust your display settings and you don’t need to squint when surfing the web, reading email or writing documents. Continue Reading →

How to stop programs from automatically opening when Windows starts

Are you tired of programs launching automatically when you start your PC? Having programs you use on a regular basis start up with your PC is great, but having programs you rarely use with startup is annoying as it slows everything down. Continue Reading →

How do I get rid of

Any changes in your default home page, toolbars and search engine are annoying, but they may crop up if you are not careful enough while installing free programs.

Snap.Do is an adware toolbar which comes with free downloads, and once installed it will change your homepage and redirect your searches and the webpages you try to visit. Continue Reading →

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