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How do I get rid of JollyWallet

JollyWallet is an adware toolbar that gets installed along with other programs. Once it finds its way onto your PC, you will start seeing annoying advertising popups on the web pages you view, though does not actually harm your PC or data in any way. Continue Reading →

How do I get rid of Snap.do

Any changes in your default home page, toolbars and search engine are annoying, but they may crop up if you are not careful enough while installing free programs.

Snap.Do is an adware toolbar which comes with free downloads, and once installed it will change your homepage and redirect your searches and the webpages you try to visit. Continue Reading →

How to remove malware?

To ensure the safety of your PC, you avoid visiting unfamiliar websites, avoid downloading and installing anything you do not trust and approach suspicious email attachments with caution. But still something slips through the cracks and you get infected. You need to have an extra layer of protection to keep the harmful stuff lurking in the dark corners of the internet away from your PC. Continue Reading →

Protect yourself from Malware
Protect from Malware

When your PC is connected to the internet, you never know what may be thrown your way. If your PC is left unsecured, then you are vulnerable to malware and security breaches.

Malware infection can lead to a variety of problems- from brief annoyance, unexpected behavior to identity theft and unauthorized use of your PC. Continue Reading →

What to do if my PC is infected with malware?



Malware is a kind of software that is installed on your PC without your knowledge and resides in disguised fashion. It watches and records your activities, which may lead to loss of privacy. There are many types of malware programs and can be installed on your PC in many ways but usually they are hidden inside of programs. Basically, your PC with internet access is vulnerable to malware infections.

If you think you have some malware infections, and if you do not have an anti-malware protection on your PC, there are chances that your PC is infected.

Malware infections have signs from causing total havoc to working totally in the background and about everything in between.

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Got malware? Fix your PC

Advanced system protector makes the task of removing malware a simple one, with a few clicks you can find malware infections and clean them safely. Download the tool and keep your PC malware free. Advanced system protector thoroughly scans your PC for malware infections. It has three scan options which you can choose the one you want and run a scan: Quick scan, Deep scan and Custom scan. Quick scan is faster and less extensive. Deep Scan is thorough scan, and slower than quick scan. Custom Scan scans the files and folders which you select for scanning. If you notice any sign of malware, a quick scan is recommended which will identify infections and remove from your PC.

Using Advanced System Protector, it’s easy to find and remove malware infections present on your PC. You can detect malware infections simply by clicking on ‘Start Scan Now’ button. Once scan is completed, it provides a list view of all the detected malware infections. You can view more information about found malware by clicking – Learn more option. Also you can add the found malware in the ignore list and skip it from subsequent scans which will not be listed as malware until removed from the list.

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How to detect malware?

If you are not careful enough your PC can end up with malicious threats anytime when using Internet. If you notice any malware sign, your PC is probably compromised. To check if you got malware you need a tool that can analyze your PC, detect vulnerabilities, and remove existing malware.

          Advanced System Protector

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Remove Security Shield


    Security Shield

What is Security Shield?

Security Shield is a rogue/fake program. Once it gets onto the user system it start scanning the system and after the scan completion displays a lot of fake error messages and infections on the system so that the user gets scared. When the user clicks the “Remove” button to clean the infections shown by the Security Shield, it will trick the user into purchasing a license. The Infections Displayed is fabricated i.e. do not exist on the system or the useful system files may be shown as infection so Do Not Delete them.

Security Shield pretends to be a malware scanner. Once started, Security Shield will configure itself to run automatically and once installed silently in the background, this rogue program start annoying with security warning pop-ups stating about a wide variety of security issues. Security Shield is just a nicely "dressed" program which hasn’t got anything in common with a real antivirus program.

One shouldn’t buy this program, it’s a scam.

How to remove Security Shield:

1. Download and install the Advanced System Protector.

2. Scan complete computer with Advanced System Protector by selecting “Deep Scan” option.

3. Advanced System Protector will help to get rid of the malware.

Remove Kovter Lock Screen (Ransomware)


           Kovter Lock Screen Ransomware

What is Kovter Lock Screen (Ransomware)?

Kovter Lock Screen is a malware that belongs to ransomware category. This ransomware pretends to be a legal notification by some government department. Kovter Lock Screen blocks the computer and shows an accusatory message to trick the user to pay the fine in order unblock the computer. The only way to get rid of this situation is to remove the malware Kovter Lock Screen.

How to remove Kovter Lock Screen:

1. Restart the computer in the Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Download and install the Advanced System Protector.

3. Scan complete computer with Advanced System Protector by selecting “Deep Scan” option.

4. Advanced System Protector will help to get rid of the malware.