10 Best Android File Manager Apps In 2020

Best Android File Manager Apps In 2020

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Every Android phone comes with a default file manager app. File Manager apps for Android are considered to be one of the most important apps as it helps you manage storage space, access downloads and more. If you don’t like the default file manager of Android, you can get one that you love from Play Store.

Best File Manger Apps For Android

In this post, we have listed some of the best Android file manager apps.

1. ASUS File Manager

asus File Manager

 If you want to manage your files quickly and in a systematic manner, then ASUS file manager is for you. This lightweight app enables you to cut, copy, move, save or delete files easily. It not only manages the data on your device and SD card but also manages the data on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, ASUS WebStorage and more. The app allows you to compress files to organize them efficiently on the device. It categories the files according to the file type such as images, videos, audio, downloads, and more. In addition to, it also has disk tools like recycle bin, storage analyzer and more.

Rating 4.6


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2. EZ File Explorer: File Manager


EZ File Explorer:File Manager is one of the best Android file managers as it comes with powerful tools to manage files on your Android phone. Along with the basic features like move, cut, copy and paste, it also helps you to transfer apps, audio, video, music and more wirelessly. It comes with app manager that can help  you open, uninstall, and stop apps. With document editor, you can edit files such as HTML, and txt.  Moreover, it has inbuilt viewers and video player which allows you to play music, check images and documents. You can access OTG USB devices with the inbuilt USB OTG File Manager.

Rating 4.4


3. File Manager

File Manager

Besides the basic operations like cut, copy, paste and move, the file manager from Mobile Clean System Lab can also uninstall apps, create shortcuts for the app. To work faster, you can open multiple tabs.  It also compresses and decompresses the files to manage the storage space on your device. App is available in 19 languages. You can customize the look of the file manager with cool themes. The file explorer can be used on rooted devices. The lightweight app has navigation drawer which helps you to quickly navigate between the files.

Ratings 4.5


4. MK Explorer

MK Explorer

MK Explorer is one of the best file manager app for Android. It is a simple file explorer app which performs all the basic functions like copy paste, cut, rename, delete and more

Two panels windows to view the files. It  also enables you to quickly browse the files through search engine. The app has an inbuilt gallery, text editor, and music player. It supports 20 languages. MK Explorer  can extract and compress ZIP and RAR files. It also works on rooted Android phone.

Rating – 4.6


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5. X-Plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

X-Plore file manager is one of the best file manager for Android. It has media player and video player, hex viewer, PDF viewer and more with it. The app helps you manage files on not only your device but also on Cloud storage like Google Drive, PCloud, SugarSync, OneDrive and more. For easy functioning, it has dual panel explorer which lets you perform same operation between windows. It provides you vault to secure your important files.

Rating – 4.6

6. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer File Manager

 One of the best Android file manager apps, Solid Explorer lets you protect your sensitive files with password and if the device supports fingerprint sensor, then you can use Fingerprint to secure your files. This file explorer  has two different panels for faster browsing. It lets you arrange your images, videos, and audio quickly and easily. Feature to extract and encrypt ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP and TAR. The app lets you customize the skin of the explorer. It enables you to manage the files on your device and cloud. It allows you to rename multiple files at once.

Rating – 4.5

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7. Total Commander

Total Commander - file manager

Total Commander is one of the best Android file manager apps with lots of features. Along with copy, cut, paste and delete functions, it also enables you to perform batch operations. It has two panels for easy use. The app  has an inbuilt text editor and  media player. This app supports 31 languages. It works on Rooted Android devices as well. You can bookmark the files that you access the most for easy access. It can extract and compress ZIP files.

Rating – 4.5

8. Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer

Tetra Filer is a file explorer app for Android that has a beautiful and simple interface. Besides the basic functionalities like cut, delete, copy and rename, it also compresses and extracts the files efficiently. It enables you to select multiple files to perform actions. Bookmark the files that you use frequently to easily access them. It allows you to share folders and files.

Rating – 4.4

9. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is an open source and lightweight file explorer. It allows you to easily manage your files in your phone and also enables you to perform basic operations like cut, copy, paste, compress, delete and more. Furthermore, you can work on multiple tabs. It lets you customize the look of  the file manager with different themes. The app works for a rooted phone as well which makes it the best Android file manager. It also has inbuilt database reader, with ZIP and APK reader, which makes it a multi purpose app. Moreover, it keeps the files secured as it has AES encryption and decryption for files.

Rating: 4.3

10. Explorer


Explorer is the best file manager for Android which lets you organize your storage space on your device along with the files on the cloud storage. It enables you to open multiple tabs for easy access. You can apply themes to the file explorer to make it look cool.  It can create and extract ZIP files. It allows you to bookmarks recent used files and folders so that you easily access the files. The app supports 11 languages. Moreover, it has in-built text editor and SQLite database viewer.

Rating – 4.1

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So, now that you have so many options of file explorer to choose from, get the file explorer that you like and organize your device properly.

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  • Shashank
    ES File Explorer is your number 2 pick but it is not even available on the Play Store any more..
    It is being said that it had some malicious code in it.

    Is it true?

    9 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia

      Thank you for comment. Thank you for bringing it to our notice. We will certainly remove this app from our list.

      9 months ago Reply

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