10 Best Apps to Hide Your Private Photos on Android

10 Best Apps to Hide Your Private Photos on Android
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Not every photo stored on your phone is for public sharing as some of them are private. But you certainly cannot stop anyone from from going through your personal stuff when they have your phone. To ensure privacy on your devices you can download a third-party privacy application. If you will go to google play store and search for a privacy applications, you will find many. To make the selection of a privacy application simpler in this article we are listing 10 best apps to hide your private photos and videos.

Best Apps To Hide Pictures On Android

1. Keep Photos Secret: Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

Secret Photo Vault

The application is a double layered password security application that works beyond expectations. The app is secure with a four-digit pin as well as individual albums are secure with a password. The applications also allows you to lock your stuff with fingerprint. Secret Photo Vault takes extra care of your privacy and provides you. Stealth Mode makes the app disappear from recent apps list so no one else can open it. The app saves your photos and videos in a hidden folder so no one can access them using file manager or explorer.

2. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe is another popular app for hiding your photos on android. It secures your photos with ta password or a fingerprint. You can also keep an encrypted backup of your photos on cloud. Keepsafe also allows you to share the pictures security from within the app.

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3. Hide it Pro

Hideit pro- hide private photos

Designed cleverly, the app looks like an audio application in the app drawer. Long pressing it reveals the real application. Like a good photo/video hiding application it provides you cloud storage and fingerprint id.

4. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock- hide private photos or videos

Gallery lock provides you user friendly interface it is the application which supports password and pin lock. The application hides itself from the list of recent apps and also disappears from launch pad in stealth mode.

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)
Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

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5. Private Photo Vault

Private photo vault

Private Photo Vault has two levels of security it requires a password for the app and other password for the album. You can change the cover of hidden albums as per your choice which makes it more secure. The applications also allow you to share photos and videos from the app itself.

Private Photo Vault
Private Photo Vault

6. Fotox

Fotoz- to hide private photos or videos

Photox is among the most reliable applications to secure your photos and videos. With this application, you can set face unlock for your photos and videos. The app shows a fake crash message which makes other believe that something is wrong with the application and only you can use it when required. The application also allows you to take secure backup of your secrete photos.

7. Safe Gallery

Safe gallery- best app to hide photos or videos

The application is capable enough to hide your videos, audios and photos gallery also backup your data on cloud so that it can be restored if something goes wrong with the device. It also comes with a hidden mode or stealth mode that does not show application on the home screen of your device.

Safe Gallery (Media Lock)
Safe Gallery (Media Lock)
Developer: ukzzang
Price: Free+

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8. Vault-Hide

Vault Hide

Like its name suggests, Vault-Hide is one stop solution for all your needs of hiding stuff on your device. you can hide all your photos, videos, call logs. The application uses your email id to reset password and like all other nice applications it creates secure back up for your data and help you to hide the app using stealth mode.

9. Vaulty


Vaulty is another best application to hide your media on the device. With the application, you can create multiple vaults and thus can limit access of different users.it protects your photos and videos and can also take backup of your data on cloud. It also clicks the photograph of any intruder that tries to access the information in-authentically.

Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty
Hide Pictures & Videos - Vaulty

10. Photo Locker

Photo locker- best android app to hide photos or videos

Photo locker keeps your photos encrypted and safe on your device. If we go deep into tech the application uses 128 bit AES encryption technique to ensure safety. It offers to hide bulk images and when it comes to viewing hidden images it is having features like zoom rotate and slideshow.

Hide Photos in Photo Locker
Hide Photos in Photo Locker
Developer: Handy Apps
Price: Free+

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With so many options, you can surely keep your private stuff safe on your device. These application will help you to use your device without the fear of embarrassment or privacy concern.

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