10 Best Free Firewall Software For Windows

10 Best Free Firewall Software For Windows
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Windows systems seems to suffer endless security issues that online villains are expert to exploit. Even though having a great and effective built-in firewall, Windows PC needs protection from online threats in addition to block viruses, trojans, rootkits and hackers from breaking into the system.

Therefore, a need for setting Firewall is vital as a security measure to protect systems and other network devices from any attack. So, further discussing the 10 best windows firewall software. Here you need to know what a Firewall is and its requirement.

What is a Firewall and Why we need it?

Firewall as an allusion can be referred to as a physical fire barrier that protects from any damage. In technical terms, Firewall is treated as a virtual barrier that shields from internal or external cyberattack that may harm the computer. Firewall is a security system that checks unauthorized or unlicensed access to or from a private network.

In order to obstruct attack, the software package is installed in a PC to protect entire network from hackers.

Having a firewall will help in mitigating following situations:

  • Will control applications that might transmit your data, which are actually not authorized to collect or transfer your information.
  • Will create a barrier between you and hackers, so that they do not harm you or your system.
  • Functions as a filtering machine that scans the data and filter out the infectious data from entering into your computer.
What is a Firewall
Source: securityantivirus

Best Free Firewall Software

Firewall Software monitors online activities and blocks all the potential intrusions and attacks. Finding the suitable one among plethora of products can be quite thwarting. So, we provide you with a list of free firewall software you can install right away.’

1. GlassWire

GlassWire proactively protects from all the incoming and outcoming online attacks. The moment you install this firewall software windows it shields your operating system. Unlike other software, rather than bother users every single time anything comes up, GlassWire blocks it instantly.



  • Discreet Alerts- Warns users about network related changes
  • Monitor other PC’s on your network, and informs if any unknown devices connect to your Wi-Fi
  • Tracks data usage
  • Visual Network Monitoring- to identify past and present network activities through graphs
  • Toolbox of network checks
  • Wi-Fi Evil Twin Detection- get alert notifications when the app founds new Wi-Fi hardware nearby with same network name
  • Lock Down Mode
  • Features Mini Graph, so that you do not have to launch the app every time you want to observe system’s health

This Windows 10 Firewall comes with exciting number of features that are quite useful for users who are genuinely concerned about their safety and privacy. Totally a must-have app for your Windows PC.

Purchase GlassWire!

2. ZoneAlarm

The first software on our list has been around for ages, ZonelAlarm protects your PC from every sort of cyberattacks including identity theft, malware, viruses, phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware etc.



  • Actually, a firewall with antivirus program
  • Customizable Interface
  • Scans both inbound & outbound connections
  • Protects apps & other software from getting any infection
  • Blocks unwanted traffic from entering into your network
  • Free firewall software, Light as feather on system resources
  • Provides daily credit monitoring, to provide victim recovery assistance (feature available in US only)
  • Comes with Online backup, if any loss or accidental deletion happens
  • Comes with multiple layers of securities:

–     Public Network Protection

–     Wireless Network Protection

–     Real-Time Security Updates

Trusted by over 100 Million users worldwide, making ZoneAlarm the number one firewall software for windows 10.

Download ZoneAlarm!

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3. TinyWall

The highly recommended firewall software for windows 10 users that will protect from almost every online threat. The software stealth your computer’s ports against hackers and blocks infectious programs that might transmit your precious data over the Internet.



  • Displays no pop-up ads
  • Powerful scanning option for both inbound & outbound connections
  • Customizable options to alter protection from attacks
  • Comes with Wi-Fi protection
  • Real-Time alerts, if anything wrong comes up
  • Instant firewall configuration, therefore great for beginners
  • Comes with protection of host file
  • Dedicated LAN controlling options
  • Has whitelist, add websites which are safe to access

As the name suggests Tiny, the software also takes up about 1MB of space on your hard drive. The app integrates use of hotkeys, so if you just want to approve an app for access- simply press the hotkey combination & click on app’s windows.

Download TinyWall!

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4. Comodo Firewall

Talking about best free windows firewall and missing Comodo Firewall in the list will be truly unfair. The way the software allows users to easily add programs to blocklist makes it all the easier-to-use application.

Comodo Firewall


  • Offers an AD Blocker
  • Custom DNS Servers
  • Features virtual Kiosk, to easily block any program from entering or leaving the network
  • Also provides very specific & advanced settings for utmost ease
  • Offers a Rating Scan option, that lets you identify how much a program or process is trustworthy
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7
  • Has easy sandboxing to stop malware in its track
  • Gives users ability to control permissions for different networks and programs
  • Timely alerts about any suspicious files/folders or programs

Before getting started with this firewall software for windows 10, remember Comodo Firewall will change you default homepage and search engine. If want everything to be same at the first place, you have to deselect the option during the initial setup.

Install Comodo Firewall!

5. NetDefender

NetDefender is another best free firewall software with loads of features. The most basic of all the software, NetDefender feature simple options and settings that are easy and convenient to use.



  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Perfect for novices
  • No annoying pop-ups
  • Not only blocks incoming traffic, but also block apps from connecting to the network
  • Allows you to block FTP connections and other protocols used on the network
  • Includes Port scanner
  • Easy Setup
  • Create/Edit/Delete rules, to allow or deny access to specified IP Address.
  • Protects your PC against spoofing ARP and other forms of connection manipulation

This Windows 10 Firewall reveals all your system’s activity so that you can easily monitor what your computer is doing in the background. It also displays all the current and past servers your PC was connected to, so that you can examine what potential threats are and even block them if required.

Install NetDefender!

 6. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is quite a robust windows 10 firewall. Comes with advanced security measures that keeps close eye on threats that try to sneak through social networking sites.



  • Simple and Straightforward Interface
  • Non-intrusive
  • Automatically blocks non-trusted content
  • A lot of filtration options
  • Excellent controlling options over Internet
  • An easy way to change the way your router handles traffic
  • Excellent control over how you want your Internet to behave
  • Have 90 Million global users
  • An award-winning firewall software windows

OpenDNS is an accurate protection against cyber-attacks.  An all-in-one solution including Antivirus, Anti-theft, and much more.

Download OpenDNS!

7. PeerBlock

An application that does it all, PeerBlock offers highest levels of security against all inbound and outbound threats. This free firewall software instantly blocks communication with threatful advertisements, spywares etc.

Source: start64


  • Defends against unwanted traffic from user-specific IP Addresses
  • Light on system resources
  • Easy to set up, just at the time of installation it asks about the website, programs and ports you want to block
  • Best for people who shares lots of files & documents on daily basis
  • You can make your own blocklist
  • You can also view and clear history, logs and other notifications for effective running
  • Great platform for those who are not very much familiar with computers, as it does not require advanced knowledge to use it.

PeerBlock gives you peace from every virtual danger. Unlike other firewall software for windows 10 mentioned in the list, PeerBlock starts working as soon as installed.

Download PeerBlock!

8. Outpost Firewall Pro

Outpost Firewall is fairly decent software, which lets you control who your PC talks to on the Internet. The firewall works to add multiple layers of security to your computer without affecting PC’s performance.

Outpost Firewall Pro


  • Simple yet effective interface
  • Comes with System & App Guard
  • Comes with File/Folder Locker
  • Program Activity Tracker, to review system modification in real-time to know which app misbehaves
  • Set restrictions on programs you install, to customize the security level
  • Comes with four customizable security layers
  • Multilingual
  • Not very heavy on system resources, just 16.63 MB file size
  • Ensures wired & wireless networks are secured against eavesdropping

This windows firewall program provides all the components needed to secure, protect, monitor connections, adjust security level and control system status according to the user’s needs and requirements.

Download Outpost Firewall Pro!

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9. Evorim Free Firewall

Evorim Free Firewall software is another simple yet effective tool to fight against every type of danger that your PC might face. This full-features professional firewall has gained millions of followers in the years and set its position in top 10 best free windows firewall software.

Evorim Free Firewall


  • Helps in regulating Internet traffic
  • Access Notification, you’ll get instant message if any non-regulated program accesses your Internet
  • Paranoid Mode, if switched to this mode no software would be able to access on network without your prior consent
  • Credulous Mode, if you are someone who has no fear of leaking their privacy
  • Cooperative Mode, if you want to operate this firewall In parallel with other firewalls, for value added features
  • Touch friendly, UI is optimized for touch sensitive device
  • Prevent Telemetry
  • Multilingual
  • Detects Viruses/Malware/Spyware and other threats

This specialized third-party security solution allows you to control the access to & from the PC. Therefore, full protection for your System.

Install Evorim Free Firewall!

10. AVS Firewall

Last on our list but not in our consideration, AVS Firewall not only protects from internal and external connections. But it also shields after all the infectious registry changes, flash banners, pop-up windows and malicious advertisements.

 AVS Firewall


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Features Parent Control, that allow you to block explicit list of websites
  • Blocks unwanted AD banners
  • Compatible with Windows 8,7, Vista and XP
  • Also features ‘AVS Registry Cleaner’ to download, at the time of setup
  • System requirements aren’t very high, even gets compatible with older PCs
  • Free firewall software & Light as feather on system resources
  • Control Internet traffic, when you have limited Internet access

Allowing and disallowing of IP Addresses, programs couldn’t be easier than ever before. The software features a list containing malicious IP Addresses, ports and programs which can be harmful for your PC. Either you can browse through the list and block/unblock accordingly, or you can search for the URL and add in the list.

Install AVS Firewall!

Closing Words

Though Firewall software are the first line of defense against all online threats. Even they come with capabilities that your Antivirus may miss.

But remember that these firewall programs cannot be taken as an ultimate solution for your protection. As users have to remain very careful while browsing Internet and also follow good security habits to not fall in the vicious loop of cyberattacks.

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