Top Best Free Music Notation Software for Windows 2020

Top Best Music Notation Software for Windows 2020

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If you are a music composer by profession then music Notation Software is an important tool for your daily needs. This software can be used to create, edit, print and share staff notations or sheet music for any song or original composition. While choosing a notation software you should bear in your mind that it should have a clear, clean and uniform layout. Though having free software for this purpose is like starting from the basics. But if you are a beginner in music composition then you should start from the ground level. In this article we are listing best free music Notation software for Windows 10, 8, 7 and other versions.

Best  Music Notation Software for Windows

1. Quick Score Elite:

Quick Score Elite
Here are some other key features of this software:
• Layout of the software works on panorama view which means all the bars can now fit on one window.
• You can choose instrument name from dropdown in the track sheet. Once you have selected the instrument this automatically set clef, program, channel and key transportation fields.
• There is a dedicated button to change playback Rate, by which tempo of playback can be controlled.
• Hold down CTRL key to set the output for all the tracks when you are setting output in the track sheet.
• You can move Notes from one track to another by using Move To Track Edit function.
• You will get many tools inbuilt such as Piano Roll Editor, Track Sheet, MIDI Mixer, Event List, Controller Editor etc

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2. PreSouns Notation 6:

PreSouns Notation 6

PreSonus Notation 6 is an advanced level software for music composers its compatibility with multiple platforms and handwriting recognition makes it the best in its class. Layout of the application is highly appreciated by music composers because of its amazing features such as Drag of hairpins, angled hairpins and with the latest version Articulation can now be dragged to any direction. The tool can also help you to export audio directly to MP3. In this software you will find most of the musical instruments. It is a must have tool for professional music composers.

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3. MagicScore:

MagicScore music notation software for windows

Magic score is having a range of Notation creation software you can choose an instrument specific software or a software compatible with MS Word. All the music composition software from Magic score are easy to understand for beginners and well equipped to delight professionals’ pages can be saved in different formats. As MagicScore can convert your sounds files to WAV and MP3 making them compatible for use in other applications. Software is compatible from Windows 7 to Windows 10 so if you are still running on Windows 7 then Magic score is the best pic for you. So, what are you waiting for get a free trial for Magicscore notation software and choose the best one for yourself.

Download Here

4. Finale Notepad:

finalre notepage

It is one of the most popular music notation software because of the fact that any music you create in the program is compatible with any of the more professional versions of the Finale software. If you start with Finale Notepad 2012 you can later open that document in Finale Songwriter or even the full commercial version of Finale and then continue editing without losing any data.

5. MuseScore:

mu score music editor

MuseScore is loaded with most of the common sense intuitive music entry methods work as you expect them to, and unlike other music notation programs you can use MIDI input or other methods to get your score started.  Playback functions are good enough but don’t expect for the highest quality sound fonts to playback your creations with. The best part is it gets updated time to time because of music savvy developers who use to donate features time to time. Get it here

6. LilyPond:

Lilly pond is a software with unique approach to rendering notation. you can type out music in a kind of programming language, which LilyPond converts into a PDF or MIDI. LilyPond language is built to be logical, comprehensive and beginner-friendly. The LilyPond website also provides excellent tutorials and documentation which enable you to start notating music with a brief knowledge of the language.

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7. Crescendo:


Crescendo is a user-friendly and intuitive way to write musical notation, With crescendo composers can save, write, and print their music compositions on their computer. The wide collection of sheet music symbols, free-form layout along with time and key signatures allows a composer to have optimum control over creating sheet music.

8. MC Musiceditor:

mc music editor

MC Musiceditor is an open source music notation software free for Windows, Linux under Wine. It is developed by Reinier Maliepaard, software engineer, psychologist, teacher and musician at the ArtEZ Conservatorium Netherlands, music theory and music history. MC Musiceditor has been developed to make it easy for musicians to make scores. It is a user-friendly editor which makes professional scores without requiring much input of specific knowledge.

9. Kangas Sound Editor:

kangas- sound editor

The software is based on kangaroo theme. Using this program user can synthesize music and sound effects effectively from scratch. Musical pitches are constructed using a system of frequency ratios. MIDI pitch numbers can be used to specify a base note from which other notes are relative. The user interface uses a system of cells or boxes which makes it very simple and easy to understand.

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10. Anvil Studio:

anvil- music notation software

Anvil Studio is designed for people who want to: record music with MIDI and Audio equipment. It is a handy application to compose music for MIDI and Audio equipments.  User interface of this application is very easy to understand. It can be used by both professionals and beginners.

11. Everyone Piano:

everyone piano

Everyone Piano is a computer keyboard simulating piano software.  it use the general computer keyboard to play the piano music. With powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano’s tone sounds like a real piano. Even on onboard sound card, Everyone Piano can be compared to real-time musical performance; it also simulates the piano foot plate.

12. FORTE Free from FORTE Notation:

forte notation

With FORTE FREE, beginners can learn how to notate music quickly and easily. Feel free to learn, acquaint yourself and experiment with. You’ll learn it quickly than you expect product is designed by musicians for musicians, you need not to waste time with tutorials when you could be creating music instead. Interface is designed to make you learn easily and quickly.

13. MusInk:

It is a newcomer to the music notation world it has change the way how things have to be done.  The biggest difference than any other music notation program you might have ever used is instead of having a standard set of note duration buttons that you select then click into place in the music MusInk note duration is controlled by WHERE you place the note in reference to the previous ones.

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So these were 10 best music notation software you can use them to notate your music. Pick one of them as per your choice and start the journey to become a star.

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