10 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp 2019 – Whatsapp Chat Locker App For Android

10 Best Lock Apps For WhatsApp 2019 – Whatsapp Chat Locker App For Android
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In last few years WhatsApp has become the most popular online messaging app. Most people in our personal and professional circle are on WhatsApp. Since it is one of the most preferred mode to chat, it has become a must to keep our chats secure or hidden from others, especially the nosey people. There are many applications which can help lock WhatsApp, but sometimes we do not want to lock WhatsApp, we just want to hide some chats. Here are 10 best apps to lock WhatsApp which can help you hide specific chats and even lock the entire app, if you want so.

Best Whatsapp Chat Locker App For Android

1. Locker for Whats Chat App

The application is an amazing gift for those who want to lock specific chats on WhatsApp. It is completely free and you will not see annoying ads. Using this application, you can lock your personal and group chats. This makes it a perfect WhatsApp chat locker app and also, the user interface of this application is also very simple and easy to understand. Grab this amazing app and lockdown your personal chats. Download Here

locker for whatsapp


2. Lockdown Pro – AppLock & Vault:

Another app on our list of Best WhatsApp Lockers apps is lock down pro. When it comes to best apps to lock WhatsApp this application cannot be ignored. The application can be used for locking down apps using fingerprint and provides rock solid security for your personal data. Apart from locking WhatsApp and other applications on your Android smartphone this application is capable to hide photos and videos from your gallery.

lockdown pro

Get it from here

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3. Tools For WhatsApp:

If you are looking for an app which can solve multiple requirements along with becoming a locker for whatsApp then you should choose Tools for WhatsApp app. By using this app you can directly call and copy numbers, you can set WhatsApp on hibernate mode, you can save status and stories from your friends and much more. The app is loaded with multiple tools for WhatsApp so it is worth downloading.

tools for whatsapp

Get it from here

4. Messenger Lock:

Next on our list of Best app to lock WhatsApp is Messenger Lock. This app can be used to lock WhatsApp and other messaging apps on your Android smartphone. The application has a beautiful interface but you may see annoying ads while using the app. Locking and unlocking the app is easy and safe.

messenger lock

Get it from here

5. WhatsLock:

Next WhatsApp chat locker app in our list is WhatsLock. It is different from an ordinary WhatsApp locking application. On this app, you can set a password or a pin. The application automatically captures images whenever there is an unsuccessful attempted to unlock WhatsApp which helps you go figure out that who has tried to unlock your WhatsApp. Lock for WhatsApp gets activated with a single keystroke which makes it best locker for Whatsapp.


Get it from here

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6. AppLock – Fingerprint:

If your device has a fingerprint scanner then it is always a safe option to lock it down using the fingerprint scanner. The application also locks notification from the apps which you can see on the notification bar. You can also customize the time period when selected applications will be locked or you can also choose specific wifi or Bluetooth connection on which your applications will be locked automatically.


Get it from here

7. Private App Lock:

Next in our list of best WhatsApp Locker apps is Private App Lock. It lockdown messaging applications on your Android  Smartphone. Like other best apps to lock WhatsApp it also allows users to lock application with a passcode or a pattern. You can also lock your other messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Line or Wechat. The application has an easy to understand user interface and it is suitable for those who do not want an app to take much space on the device.

private app lock

Get it from here

8. App Lock:

There are a bundle of app lockers available on Google Play Store. They are loaded with different features App lock app from Sailing Lab is one of them you can lock applications including WhatsApp with a four digit PIN. In the app you will find beautiful themes which makes the use of app fun for you.  Apart from protecting your app, it also allows you to clean the junk from your device.


Get it from here

9. App Lock By Do Mobile Lab:

When it comes to an app which can lock other apps this app is very popular and famous. Though this app is fit for locking almost all the apps and features on your Android Smartphone but it is broadly used to lock WhatsApp. The application has all the features which you may expect from a good app locker. You can protect your applications using pin pattern can lock as many apps as you want and it can even help you to lock incoming calls.

app lock by do mobile lab

Get it from here

10. Lock For WhatsApp

Another app which is specialized in locking WhatsApp messenger is Lock for WhatsApp. By using this app you can set all the three types of locks for your WhatsApp Fingerprint, Passcode and pattern. The application is lightweight and comes with a simple interface because of which it is easy to set a lock, to disable a lock or to change the pattern with the ease application provides you rock solid security.

lock for whatsapp

Get it from here

So these were some of the best apps to lock WhatsApp on your Android Smartphone. Locking down WhatsApp can not only protect your privacy but it can also save you from the potential embarrassment if you frequently handover your device to your friends.

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