7 Best Mac Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Mac in 2020

7 Best Mac Cleaner Apps to Clean Your Mac in 2020

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Mac Cleaner apps are often used to keep your computer optimized, especially when you don’t have time to delve through files and folders to declutter your Mac. These mac cleaning apps comes with extensive features, including junk & temp files remover, RAM cleaner, memory cleaner and optimizer, disk cleanup to make your Mac run smooth.

Confused which one to use? We have listed some of the best Mac cleaning software to help you choose as per your needs. You can remove unwanted apps and files to free up precious disk space in no time.

Top 3 Mac Cleaners

Smart Mac Care

  • Remove Cookies, internet history & app cache.
  • Delete unwanted installed programs. 
  • Remove login items

Best choice



  • Monitors your device in real-time
  • Remove Junk and unwanted files
  • Delete cookies and search history

Best choice



  • Remove Large files
  • Disable Login Items and Launch Agents.
  • Delete junk files, caches and partial downloads

Best choice

Top 7 Best Mac cleaner Apps

1. Smart Mac Care

smart mac care best mac cleaner utility

Smart Mac Care is a Mac cleaning software which helps you remove clutter from your system to free up space on your computer. The app comes with a lot of advanced features and tools to improve system performance efficiently. Download Smart Mac Care for Free

This mac cleaner not only helps you boost your system performance but can also keep your mac safe from malware, adware, trojans and spyware. It can scan and remove all the infections and unwanted apps, to prevent all security issues on your Mac.

With Privacy Scan, it scans and removes cookies, internet history and app cache from your browsers to ensure your privacy is intact.

Other Notable Features:

  • With Disk Usage, you can sort the bulkiest files from your computer.
  • Allows users to uninstall suspicious or unwanted apps on your Mac.
  • Remove login items to improve your Mac’s boot speed.
  • Scan & delete duplicate copies of files to recover chunks of storage on Mac.

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2. CCleaner For Mac

ccleaner for mac

Ccleaner for Mac is one of the best mac cleaner software which scans and removes junk and unwanted files to make your Mac run faster and smoother. With the ability to manage login items easily, the app speeds up the boot time.

This mac cleaner can clear all the useless items from Trash, along with this, it also deletes temporary files and folders to retrieve space on your Mac. The app allows you to customize, include or exclude which files or cookies to keep or delete.

Other Notable Features:

  • Erases browser search history and cookies to keep your browsing activities private
  • Monitors your device in real-time
  • With regular cleaning, your computer can run faster than ever
  • Removes unwanted installed programs with a single click

3. CleanMyMac X

Whether you want a malware remover or a Mac cleaner, CleanMyMacX serves all the purpose. This app finds and removes unwanted files, be it partial downloads, useless localizations, caches. Also, you can get rid of clutter in your iTunes, Photos and Mail app to recover gigabytes of hard disk space.

The mac cleaning software comes power-packed with a lot of features to deal with hogged RAM, disable and manage Login Items, launch agents and more. This will reduce the burden on your computer and make it run faster.

It can not only also uninstall unwanted applications from your Mac but also can update the existing applications to make sure there are no software conflicts.

Other Notable Features:

  • Removes browsing history, offline and online traces.
  • Scan thoroughly to find any vulnerabilities on Mac, if any.
  • Helps in deleting large hidden files to recover disk space on Mac


4. Disk Clean Pro

disk clean pro app to clean Mac

Another mac cleaning software, Disk Clean Pro helps you to keep your Mac optimized by deleting redundant files. With its One-click Cleaning feature, you can recover valuable disk space on your computer.

It has also come with Junk Cleaner, Logs Cleaner and other features for thorough cleaning. With its optimization features to find duplicate files, unused and old files, large files and old downloads, you can sort your disk storage in no time.

Another than this, you can also delete files from trash, remove old backups and download to keep your system organized.

Other Notable Features:

  • Removes unwanted files and partial downloads
  • Deletes crash reports retrieving space on your computer
  • Removes traces of browsing history to ensure your privacy stays intact.
  • Removes bulky files and categorizes files as per your preferences

5. App Cleaner & Uninstaller Pro

app cleaner and uninstaller

The last mac cleaning software mentioned on the list, AppCleaner & Uninstaller Pro is a great application to delete unwanted apps safely along with leftover files. This mac optimizer can disable, or hide login items and launch agents. It can delete leftover files of previously uninstalled apps.

This mac cleaner lets you manage extensions in a single click. It can also reset apps by deleting services files and launch an application just as did the first time.

This software can also delete caches, application support files, preferences files to recover disk space and get a smooth functioning Mac.

Other Notable Features:

  • Removes Internet Plugins and Mac widgets
  • Deletes macOS install files
  • Helps you get rid of broken service files with ease.
  • It can uninstall 1000+ apps with all the files associated with it.

6. MacBooster

Mac booster

MacBooster is one of the best applications to clean your Mac, as it can delete more than 20 types of junk files and remove malware and virus from your computer. This Mac cleaning app comes with a feature to optimize hard disk storage to speed up the performance of your Mac.  

Moreover, this Mac cleaner also safeguards your privacy by eliminating malicious cookies while online. This cleaner for mac also comes with various tools to remove login items, duplicate files and large files to recover space on your computer. 

Other Notable Features:

  • Boosts your Mac speed by optimizing login items
  • Uninstall unwanted applications to remove the clutter
  • Finds and Remove large files to recover space
  • Blocks spyware or malicious attacks and provides real time protection

7. Onyx

Onyx mac cleaner

Yet another mac cleaner software, which comes with various features to remove junk and other unnecessary things which could hamper Mac’s performance. This tool has intuitive interface and can delete cache, rebuild databases and indexes along with configuring parameters for Dock, Finder, Safari and other native apps.

This Mac cleaning app is light on system resources as it is 5 MB in size. Along with optimization, the tool allows to change folders’ colors or hide them. One of the best thing about this cleaner for Mac is that it available for free.

Other Notable Features:

    • Cleans inner logs and databases
    • Stable and reliable app to clean the clutter and optimize your Mac.
    • Deletes software cache and internet cache.
  • Uninstalls unwanted apps and removes duplicate files.

Which Mac Cleaning Software To Choose To Keep Your Mac Decluttered?

So, these are some of the best mac cleaner apps which can help you keep your Mac organized. However, if you still want our help to decide which app to choose, then our recommendation is Smart Mac Care.  This app comes with a beautiful & user-friendly interface and comes with advanced features to clean the clutter on your Mac.

You can also try using CCleaner and CleanMyMac X which are another two renowned names in this mac cleaning apps category. However, you can choose the others listed if any of those suits your needs more.

Watch how to clean your Mac using Smart Mac Care-

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Mac cleaners work?

Yes, most of the mac cleaners work fine. One of the most important aspects to evaluate is effectiveness. The good mac disk cleanup available in the market such as Smart Mac Care helps you get rid of unwanted files, deletes useless language, uninstalls third-party apps along with deleting duplicates.

Q2. Is Using Mac Cleaners Safe?

Yes, using Mac cleaners is safe. These utility tools do not interfere with your Mac’s configuration or the OS, and only run system scans to improve Mac’s performance. There are no concerns about safety with these software, provided that you haven’t install any such tool from an unknown or non-trusted source of download.

Q3. Why should I use Mac cleaning app?

Even for Mac, remaining in the same working state is impossible and its performance surely does wear off with time. By using a suitable Mac cleaner, users can optimize their Mac and improve its speed and response time by clearing piled-up junk files, deleting internet cache and cookies, and removing unwanted or lesser-used applications from the system. This eventually impacts overall Mac performance.

Q4. How Often Should I Clean My Mac?

While there is no fixated interval for you to clean your Mac, but it is recommended to do so when your hard drive begins to fill up. Though cache and junk keep piling up in the system along with unnecessary app installations, its impact doesn’t show up until the hard drive is almost full, and there is little space for new installations. So, in case, you are running your Mac on a low-space hard drive, say 128 GB,  then you may want to clean up your Mac once every fortnight.

Q5. How Cleaner Apps Make your Computer Fast?

Cleaner apps perform deep system cleanups via customizable scans for hidden junk files, unwanted programs and their configuration files, unknown login items, and cache and traces stored over web browsers resulting from internet sessions.

Cleaner apps root out these items and allow users to delete the unwanted ones in a time-saving automatic scan. By removing such items and files from the system, users are able to clear off storage space, and free up system memory, eventually improving system performance.

Q6. How to Clean your Mac Manually?

Removing unwanted files from your Mac is the simplest way to clean your Mac. Usually, the things that slow down your Mac includes caches, background apps, logs, junk files, trash, and other unwanted files. You must either have a Mac cleaner app to remove unwanted files or know how to deal with it manually. To clean manually, follow the below steps:

  • Empty the trash bin: Locate Trash bin on the dock and press control-click on the icon & select Empty trash.
  • Remove items from Download folder: locate Finder from Dock and click to open it. Now navigate to Username->Downloads. Check every file and delete the ones you don’t want.
  • Remove Login Items: Click Apple icon->System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login items tab. Once there locate and delete items which you don’t want when your Mac starts up.
  • Delete old disk images: Mac needs disk image to install files. There can be a lot of disc images present all over your Mac. To remove them, open Finder. Locate All My Files, then type Disk Manager in the search box. Find and delete DMG files to retrieve space on your Mac.
  • Uninstall unwanted apps: Locate the app that you don’t need and drag it to the Trash bin to delete
  • Delete Safari cache: launch Safari->Develop-> Empty Caches.

These are not the only things that you need to do to optimize and clean your Mac. Isn’t it too much to do? All of these tasks can be accomplished by just using one of the best Mac cleaner apps available in the market. With a mac optimizer, you can quickly clean your Mac and tune it to perform better.

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