10 Best Photo Scanners Apps For iPhone And Android in 2017

10 Best Photo Scanner Apps For iPhone And Android

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There was a time when you could only get hard copies of all the photos you clicked. Times have changed and how

There are lots of advantages of digital photographs. You can keep them as it is forever, they can be accessed from anywhere and they do not take any physical space. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to scan these photographs of yours and then keep them with you forever. There are so many applications available on Google Play Store and Mac App Store to scan applications but we have simplified things for your and here are best photo scanner apps from iPhone and Android.

10 Best Photo Scanner Apps For iPhone And Android

1. Google PhotoScan:


The application is developed by Google. The application takes multiple shots when you scan a photograph which makes your images look better without glare and you get refined edges in the final scan. You can also save your scanned photos on Cloud for free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.google.android.apps.photos.scanner]

2. Photomyne:


It is not a very popular app but what makes it a great photo scanning app, is its ability to scan multiple photos in one go. You can either scan multiple photos from your old albums or you can put photos on a table to scan them through Photomyne. The app automatically detects different photos and saves them into albums.

[appbox googleplay id=com.photomyne]

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3.  Tiny scanner:


Another in the list of best photo scanner apps is Tiny Scanner. It is basically good for scanning documents but if you are scanning photographs within some text on them then this application will be best suited because its OCR technology will let you to find images from the text written on them.

[appbox googleplay id=com.appxy.tinyscanner]

4.  Shoebox:


Shoebox is a popular app when it comes to photo scanning apps. The app scans photos quite well. It has edge detection and perspective correction technology and like other apps on this list, quality of the scans is good. Once you have scanned a photo, you can add details like the photo’s location, tag people, add caption and date which makes it easier to find photos quickly.

[appbox googleplay id=com.couchlabs.shoebox]

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5.  CamScanner:


You must have heard of CamScanner, which is the best document scanner app out there and while it may specialize in documents, we found the app works fine when it comes to scanning photographs as well. You get a number of cool editing options to play with and to make sure the scanned photo looks perfect. CamScanner also works well in case you want to scan an old document, letter etc.

[appbox googleplay id=com.intsig.camscanner]

6. Scanbot:


One of my favorite scanning apps, Scanbot has a fantastic user friendly design that is very easy to use. The app automatically scans documents or pictures when you point the camera at a piece of paper, which is convenient. Then you can crop the scan. It shows you different versions with different brightness and contrast effects and you can choose one from them.

[appbox googleplay id=net.doo.snap]

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7. Microsoft Office Lens:


The application is from the well-known name Microsoft. It is good for scanning Documents photos and white boards. So, if you have some old paintings in your store room you can also scan them perfectly using the app. If you are much dependent on one note, one drive, etc. you can also save these documents there. It is one of the best photo scanner app iPhone and android.

 [appbox googleplay id=com.microsoft.office.officelens]

8. Clear scanner:


Irrespective of whether you are scanning a gray scale image or a colored image, the application is equally good for both. The application is free on both App Store and Play Store. You can tune the scanned image once you are done with scanning.

 [appbox googleplay id=com.indymobileapp.document.scanner]

9. Fast scanner:


Fast scanner is the simplest possible way to scan photos. Key features of the application are it detects edges automatically and refines brightness of the scanned copies. You can save multiple scans in a folder to keep the things well managed.

[appbox googleplay id=com.coolmobilesolution.fastscannerfree]

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10. Turbo Scan:


Turbo scan from the Piksoft is an amazing application. It has both paid and free versions on App Store and Play Store. Best thing I liked about the application is the sharpness in the scan results. It also allows you to save scan results in desired sizes.

[appbox googleplay id=com.piksoft.turboscan]

So, these were the best photo scanner apps for iPhone and Android. Now you can turn your iPhone or Android device to a scanner and preserve old memories well.

Note: Some of the Scanning applications for iPhone supports 3D touch. You will not find 3D touch if you have an iPhone 6 or below. iPhone 6s onwards you can also use 3D touch to quickly scan pictures.

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