8 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

8 Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7 in PC [2020]

Best Software To Clean Windows Registry

PC Optimization Windows 10

Registry Cleaning is a very complicated process if you do it manually. So, in this article we will discuss the best registry cleaning software for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

Windows registry is an essential part for any computer system. It is one on the reason for system’s stability, reliability and performance. Many of the issues in computer are caused due to registry errors. Any invalid registry or broken registry leaves behind traces of the uninstalled applications from the system, which may cause errors and can deteriorate PC performance. It can also include crash downs, slow operating speed, and more.

Our Top 3 Choices

RegClean Pro

  • Optimize & Defrag Registries
  • Smart & Advanced Scan Engine
  • Schedule Scan For Regular Cleanup

Best choice

Wise Registry Cleaner

  • Clean & Optimize Registries
  • Improves Network with System Tuneup
  • Defrag Registry to speedup your PC

Best choice

CCleaner Professional

  • Repair & Clean Invalid
  • Clean Junk Files To Recover Space
  • Optimizes PC to improve PC speed

Best choice

List of Contents

  • 1. RegClean Pro
  • 2. Wise Registry Cleaner
  • 3. CCleaner Professional
  • 4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  • 5. Glarysoft Registry Repair
  • 6. WinUtilities Free
  • 7. JetClean
  • 8. AML Free Registry Cleaner
  • What Are The Advantages Of Cleaning Registry?
  • What Is The Purpose Of Windows Registry?
  • How To Fix, Repair & Edit Windows Registry?
  • Conclusion: Best Tools To Clean Registry In Windows PC
  • FAQ

Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 2020

 Here is the list of 8 best registry cleaners for Windows 10 , 8, 7 computer to fix any kind of registry error-

1. RegClean Pro

best registry cleaner RegClean Pro

On top of the list of best registry cleaner for Windows 10 8 and 7 is RegClean Pro. With its smart scan engine, it searches for invalid, unwanted and broken registries and help you to remove & fix them to improve PC performance. This registry cleaner tool comes with multiple functionalities to help you out with system related registries and issues. Let us look at the functionalities and features that RegClean Pro offers.

1. Smart Scan Engine

RegClean Pro has one of the most powerful and accurate scan engine. It scans all the areas that includes system related, user related, Com and ActiveX, startup and uninstall registries on your system.

2. Optimize & Defrag Registries

This registry cleaner tool allows you to optimize Windows registry and performs defragmentation to do the optimization task. This improves PC performance and makes system run smoother.

3. Backup & Restore Registries

Yes, you can take a Full backup or Partial backup of registries before optimizing them. In case if there is any error, you can restore the previous configuration easily.

4. Schedule Scan

If you are too tired to do the repair manually, then you can also schedule scans with RegClean Pro, a registry cleaner software. You just have to select from options given in ‘Settings’ tab, which are, Run Once, Every Day, or Every Week. Or, you can also set date, time and day to schedule the scan.

5. Exclusion List

You can create an exclusion list in the app, where you can manage registry entries to be excluded from being listed as issues. This is done so that when you scan for invalid or broken registries in your system, the excluded ones are left out from scanning. This saves time and space plus also makes the process easier.

RegClean Pro, a registry cleaner tool comes with amazing and multiple functionalities to deep scan, clean and optimize Windows registry & to help boost the performance of your PC, making it one of the best.

However, this registry cleaner tool only scans for registries and doesn’t fix them in its free version. To fix the issues, you need to buy its paid version.

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2. Wise Registry Cleaner

wise registry cleaner to fix outdated registry

This registry cleaner software gives you easy-to-use interface with amazing functionalities to clean and optimize registries. Wise Registry Cleaner offer three type of scans, Fast Scan, Deep Scan & Custom Area.

Fast Scan only scans for safe entries, whereas Deep Scan are for the advanced users, where it scans the system in and out including ActiveX/COM components, shared DLLs, application paths and more. In Custom Area scan, you can manually select the specific areas to scan from the given list of options.

In an add on to this, this Windows registry cleaner tool has System Tuneup module to improve network, speed up Windows and to stabilize your system. System Tuneup comes with PC optimization techniques to accelerate bootup and shutdown process. Also, Wise Registry Cleaner comes with Registry Defrag for defragmentation to get your PC running more quickly and stably.

Wise Registry Cleaner is currently available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10. Although this registry cleaner is free, but you can upgrade to Pro version as well, which is paid.

Buy Wise Registry Cleaner Pro from here

3. CCleaner Professional

ccleaner professional registry cleaner for windows

Piriform CCleaner is a freeware PC optimizer and cleaner that cleans junk files, repairs registries and allows you to fix other system related issues in order to improve PC performance. Piriform is best known for its PC optimization and cleaning software. CCleaner offers registry cleaner tool too. It comes with advanced features that clean registry and repairs them as well. It helps to remove unused, old and invalid registry entries, which includes File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Help Files, Invalid Shortcuts and more. This advanced registry cleaner for Windows also offers a complete backup option, in case if you later need previous configuration registries, you can restore them easily.

It offers several other modules to safeguard your system and data. This freeware cleaning tool is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is available for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

CCleaner is free, but some of its modules like Defraggler for hard disks, File Recovery, Speccy are only available in its paid version CCleaner Professional. Well, these are the only few features that free version of CCleaner misses out.

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

auslogics registry repair for windows system

Auslogics Registry Cleaner comes with direct and interactive user interface to let you scan for system registry errors. This registry cleaner application allows you to create backup and restore points, so that in case of any loss or error, you can re-install the previous registry configuration. With its Search and Cleanup, it lets you find all registry keys and parameters with the keywords you specify. Just enter the keyword for the registry and click Search button to find it. With this feature you can filter your searches between section names, parameter name and parameter values.

Unlike other registry cleaner tools, Auslogics offers a Rescue Center where you can select Windows registries to backup, which can be restored later whenever needed.

Similar to Exclusion List in RegClean Pro, Auslogics also provide users with Ignore List, where you can add the areas that shouldn’t be scanned. This is done to save time and storage.

It is one of the best registry cleaner tool to effectively clear invalid registry entries from your Windows and to improve PC performance.

5. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry Repair to fix registry problem

Glarysoft is the perfect solution to safely scan, clean and repair registry problems. It’s a freeware that comes with highly intelligent scan engine to find invalid registry entries that gives true results. The features of this software are similar to every other registry cleaning tool. It offers complete scanning and cleaning of the invalid Windows registries, has an option to automatically backup and restore previous registry repairs and ignore list.

The feature that makes this registry cleaner unique is its Export option, with which you can keep previous and update registries in a designated folder.

6. WinUtilities Free

WinUtilities Registry Cleaner free

WinUtilities is an all in one package for PC cleaning and optimization. It comes with several modules to clean up and optimize your PC. The registry cleaner tool can be found in Cleanup & Repair module.

It offers fast and efficient scanning system where you can select the areas for scanning. After which, you can create a restore point for backing up previous Windows registries. It has got a Rescue option, from where you can restore the backed-up registries. Also, it allows you to export the list of errors in an HTML file.

The feature that makes WinUtilities Registry Cleaner outstand is that it gives an option in app settings to setup number of days to automatically delete restore points. This makes the system clutter free and also gives user time to restore the previous registry repairs.

WinUtilities – PC optimization software is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

7. JetClean

jetclean pro for registry errors

It’s a PC cleaning tool to optimize and speed up your PC performance. It comes with cleaning tools to clean registries, Windows, apps, shortcuts and RAM. It scans the system deep down to search for any kind of errors or repairs.

Similar to other registry cleaners, it also offers a rescue center to keep your previous Windows repairs, which can be restored whenever needed. JetClean has a one-click interface to clean your system. In an add-on tools list, it also has Registry Defrag option to optimize registries. This makes the system run more smoother and faster.

JetClean PC optimization tool is lightweight and doesn’t require much system resources to run. Also, it is available in more than 15 languages including Italian, Russian and German. You can download this product for Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

8. AML Free Registry Cleaner

AML free registry cleaner

Last on the list of best registry cleaner for Windows is AML Free Registry Cleaner. It comes with most simple and easy-to-use user interface with superfast scan engine to detect registry error in Windows.

From the given wizard you can select the area for scanning. Prior to which, the app asks you create registry backup and system restore points just like every other registry cleaning tool. Also, you can exclude some registries that are already repaired by adding them to exclusion list. This would save time and makes the app more efficient.

This registry cleaner tool is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP are supported, as well as Windows Server 2003.

What Are The Advantages Of Cleaning Registry?

Well, the list could go long. But, we have mentioned some of the major advantages of cleaning and repairing Windows registries, which are:

  • Fix invalid registry entries
  • Remove entries for non-existent applications
  • Defrag and compact the registry
  • Improve system response time
  • Prevent system crashes and BSODs
  • Drastically improve overall PC performance

What Is The Purpose Of Windows Registry?

Windows Registry works as a database for the collection and storage of configuration settings of system components, hardware, software, applications, etc.

Every time a user installs any software or application, the configuration settings of these applications are stored as keys in a hierarchical database repository know as Windows registry. Any changes made to the configuration settings are updated in the registries as well.

Whenever Windows component, hardware/software or any application is started, they retrieve the settings from registry keys during run-time to continue the tasks.

How To Fix, Repair & Edit Windows Registry?

Well, to fix, repair and edit Windows registry, there is manual way with the help of Windows Registry Editor. But, as it’s a time taking process, we recommend you to use an advanced registry cleaner tool for Windows. Registry cleaner tool scans for invalid and unwanted registry entries in your system and repairs them instantly. To help you out, we have enlisted some of the best registry cleaners for Windows.

Conclusion: Best Tools To Clean Registry In Windows PC

So, these were some of the best registry cleaner software for Windows to clean and repair invalid registries. It becomes very important to repair and clean registries, as registry entries are an essential database in Windows operating system. Make sure, you update the correct registry entries, as playing with Windows registry could also lead to system instability or crash down.

However, according to us, the top 3 mentioned tools that are RegClean Pro, CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner are the most used and efficient tools to clean registry entries. Rest, we’ve tried to list every best registry cleaner available in this list but if we missed one, let us know so we can add it!


Q: What is registry cleaner software

A: Registry cleaner software is a utility tool which can find and fix all the invalid or broken registry entries for the smooth functioning of your computer. 

Q: Which is the best registry cleaner software?

A: There are a lot of registry cleaners available in the market. However, RegClean Pro comes with a smart scan engine to search and fix bad entries in registry editor to improve computer’s health.

Q: Are Registry Cleaners safe?

A: Yes, Registry Cleaners are safe to use. It contributes to improving a computer’s health by removing unwanted registry entries.

Q: Why cleaning the registry is important?

A: Registry Cleaner software scans your registry entries to find and remove unwanted or corrupted registry keys. Also, it is claimed that using these tools; you can enhance the overall health of your computer.

Q: Does Microsoft have a registry cleaner?

A: Microsoft doesn’t have inbuilt registry cleaners. Therefore you need to install one to delete bad entries. Also, not all the software available are reliable. To choose one, check out the above-mentioned tools.

Q: Should I use a registry cleaner for windows 10?

A: It is important to find a reliable tool to clean registry entries, as they are a lot of software which can do more bad, then good to the system. Check out the tools mentioned in the list and install any of them.

Q: Does Cleaning registry speed up computer?

A: Invalid entries can reduce the performance of your system and stop programs from functioning, leads to system crashes and instability. A Registry Cleaner tool can detect and fix all these issues.

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