20 Best Android Music Player Apps in 2019

20 Best Android Music Player Apps in 2019

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Music happens to be our all-time favorite obsession! For some its way of escape, for some it’s a pain killer to deal with their daily blues. Well, good music speaks for its own. Remember those days, how we could simply die to listen to songs on our Walkman? No wonder our portable mp3 and iPod shuffle may have become obsolete today—they still carry a special place in our heart. The arrival of the Android smartphone almost ruined the dedicated music players. But the truth is, there’s nothing more comforting than the relief of carrying all our favorite stuff right in our pocket.

If you’re big time music freak and have your own music collection, then here are our picks for the best android music player apps.

Best Music Player Apps for Android 2019

1. BlackPlayer (2.69$)

black-player-for-android- best android music player 2017

Black Player is one of the simplest and fastest music player app out there. It supports all the local music formats such as mp3, wav etc. In addition to this, the app is highly customizable and you can change the look and feel of it with attractive themes, fonts, and colors. Get it here.

2. Poweramp (FREE)

poweramp-music-player-app-for-android- android music player 2017

With Poweramp music player Android you can take your music listening experience to the next level. The app comes loaded with a ten band equalizer along with separate bass and treble adjustment feature. The lyrics support of the app is also commendable as it supports MusixMatch plugin allowing you to read lyrics out loud while listening the audio. Get it here.

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3. Google Play Music (FREE)

google play music best app for android

If you’re looking for a music player that won’t cost you an extra penny, Google play Music happens to be one of the best Android music player app available on Play Store. Google Play Music provides free, ad-supported radio for what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, or what you want to hear. Get it here.

4.  Jet Audio HD (Free / $3.99 + $2.99)

jet-audio-hd- best music player for android 2017

It is another in the list of best music player apps for Android. Just like its name suggests, Jetaudio is a lightning fast music player for Android. It plays almost any kind of audio format and even adds special effects to songs in order to enhance your music experience. The app comes loaded with 32 equalizers which gives you a unique, one of a kind experience while you listen to your favorite tunes. Get it here.

5. Double Twist (FREE)


With over more than 100,000 five star ratings; Doubletwist is a decent music player app with Podcast Manager support as well. What makes this app unique from others is the AirSync feature for wireless syncing of songs. Get it here.

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6. Neutron Music Player (5.99$)


If the quality of songs matter to you more than anything then Neutron is the best pick. It is a highly professional music player for Android with an OS independent audio rendering engine. The app is also capable of reading music files from local storage devices including SD card. Get it here.

7. Shuttle (FREE)

shuttle-app-for-android- best android music player 2017

Next on our list of best Android music player apps comes Shuttle. Shuttle is a lightweight, modern day powerful music app. The app comes loaded with 6 built in equalizers to enhance your music experience. It also includes other useful features including gapless playback, sleep timer, automatic artwork downloading and more. Get it here.

8. Phonograph (FREE)

phonograph- best music player for android 2017

Talking of user interface, Phonograph is nothing less than an eye candy of music player apps. The UI colors automatically adjust as per the base content making your experience much more delightful. Apart from this, the app is capable to download  artist, song and additional info related to the audio you are hearing. Get it here.

9. Player PRO Music Player (4.99$)


Player PRO features all the basic music player app functionalities along with several plugins, skins and widget packs. You can easily browse through the app as per artist, song name, genre, album etc. You can also customize the look and feel of the app by selecting grid or list view to display songs. Get it here.

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10. Pulsar (FREE)


This is one of the best music player apps for android. Pulsar is lightweight, ad-free and fully featured music player with elegant user interface design. The app also creates Smart Playlists featuring most played, recently played and newly added tracks. Other unique features of the app include home screen widget, built in tag editor, fast search, sleep timer and more. Get it here.

11. N7 Music Player (FREE)

n7-music-player- best android music player 2017

n7 Music Player is an instinctive music player for Android giving you a creative approach to browse your music. Because of its easy access, this application is ideal for novices, however its incalculable highlights will fulfill even the most advanced users. The app has a fully featured 10 band equalizer to pump up your music experience. Get it here.

12. Media Monkey (2.49$)

media-monkey-app-for-android- play music on android

MediaMonkey helps you navigate, manage and sync large music collections. You can easily navigate through songs based on artist, album, genre, Playlist and more. The app is also compatible with third party scrobbles including Simple Last.fm, Scrobble Droid and more. Get it here.

13. Rocket Player (FREE)

rocket-player- best app to play music on android

With a 5 band equalizer and more than 30+ themes to pick from, Rocket Player is a decent lightweight music player app for Android. Batch Selection happens to be one of its unique features which allows you to select multiple songs at once while creating playlists. Get it here.

14. MixZing (FREE)

mixzing- best app to play music on android 2017

This android music player apps is one of the best. If you’re looking for an Internet Radio feature in a music player for Android app then MixZing would be a safe bet. The app brings in thousands of great stations that can be browsed based on artist, album or genre. MixZing also includes a mood player feature which customizes your listening experience based on currently played songs. Get it here.

15. Pixel-Music and Podcast (FREE)


Are you looking for a single app for Music, Radio & Podcast? If yes, then Pixel is an apt choice. Pixel music player is full of advanced features that include built in 5 bands equalizer, gapless playback, folder view, Lockscreen and notification control, headset button controls and more. Get it here.

16. Apple Music

Apple Music- best android music player app

We often get this notion wrong but Apple music is not just limited to iOS. Even Android users can enjoy the unlimited streaming of Apple’s catalogue of more than 35 million songs without any hassle.  Apple Music subscriptions cost $9.99 a month, but you can enjoy a three-month trial at the start.

Get it here

17. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player- best music player for android 2017

If you’re looking forward for having the best music experience on Android then Pi music player is the perfect choice. If comes loaded with a stunning interface with some extra ordinary powerful features. Get it here.

18. Dub Music Player Equalizer

Dub Music Player Equalizer-

There is no compelling reason to stress over information since Dub is an offline music player that will play the tunes from your local music library as well. On the off chance that you are searching for a sound player that basic, light weight, giving you completely clear solid with delightful illustrations and visualizer that will blow your mind, then Dub is your idle choice. It even allows you to adjust the sound volume with five band equalizer. Too good to be true, right? Don’t believe us, try it yourself. Get the app here!

19. VLC for Android

VLC for Android- android music player 2017

VLC media player is the first name that comes on our mind when it comes down to playing cross platform video formats. It has a complete database, a bunch of filters and equalizers which is capable of playing any available music format file which undoubtedly makes it one of the best music player for Android. And you know what the best part is? It is totally ad free, no in app purchases to hinder your music experience.

Get it now.

20. Boom

Boom- best music player for android 2017

Blast Music Player is a capable Audio Player with delightful UI. Now play your most loved Music Mp3 and others records with style! Boom Music Player will control you effectively to discover all the music in your telephone.  A stylish, powerful and fast Music Player with rich outline.  This sound player underpins a wide range of mp3, midi, wav, flac crude aac records and other audio formats.

Get it now

So here were some of the best Android music player apps of 2019. If you happen to know any other than these then drop us a comment. We’d love to extend our list with your favorite app!

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