18 iPhone Secret Codes You Need To Know

18 iPhone Secret Codes You Need To Know

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Do you know your phone keeps secrets from you? There are numerous iPhone hidden codes which can be very helpful to reveal so much about your device. Sure, your Settings App guides about each corner of your phone. But not wholly!

That is where the special phone codes come into play! They serve plenty of hidden features to unlock. While some are useful for everyone such as to find info about device, help in troubleshoot issues, to know about exact signal strength etc., others can be handy for specific type of users only.

These star codes are just a combination of numbers and special characters to unveil your phone’s secret functions!

iphone secrete codes
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Unlock Hidden Features: 18 iPhone Secret Codes

Enter these phone codes on your dialer screen to unlock the hidden doors of your iPhone.

Note: Before proceeding, remember these secrete phone codes may vary from carrier to carrier. Also, with most of the codes, just after you enter the last digit, it may immediately display the result. If not, you’ll need to tap the call button to unlock the functionality.

  1. View iPhone IMEI

Every phone has a IMEI Code (International Mobile Equipment Identity), also known as identifier number of the hardware on your cell phone. In case of theft or you lose your mobile this IMEI number helps for tracking. Every phone has a unique 15-digit identifier number. To find yours:

Enter this number: *#06#

View iPhone IMEI
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  1. Check Field Test

Do you want to check your iPhone’s signal strength? or cell information, or maybe you just want to explore all your iPhone’s internal settings. To check all the necessary info:

Enter this number: *3001#12345#*

Check Field Test
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  1. Hide Caller ID

In case you want to make calls anonymously or basically you want to hide your caller ID from people, for whatever the reason may be! You can do so:

 Enter this number: #31# + your phone number

                                : 141 + your phone number (For UK Users)

                                : #67 + your phone number (if the first one doesn’t work for you)

In case you want to break the anonymity and make calls to those who block unknown callers, then:

Enter this number: *82 + your phone number (Applied for all carriers)

                               : *31# + your phone number (For T-Mobile carrier)    

Hide Caller ID

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  1. Call Waiting

You can check the status of your call waiting service with this secret iPhone code. We know that you have an option to enable/disable it in the settings menu. But yeah, it’s kind of handy! So…

Enter this number: *#43# (To check the Status)

                               : *43# (To activate call waiting)

                               : #43# (To deactivate call waiting)

Call Waiting


  1. Check Call Forwarding

With this service, you can simply divert an incoming call to an alternative number. It works when you’re busy on a call, if someone rings at that point of time; the call is automatically forwarded to another number. You have to list the other numbers, on which you want to divert calls.

Enter this number: *#67# (To check the status)

                                 : *21# (Activate/Deactivate Call Forwarding)

Each carrier has its own way of handling diverting calls. Alternatively, you may call your network operator for better assistance.

Check Call Forwarding
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  1. Check SMS Centre

If you are facing any kind of issues with your SMS Service, then you can make a complaint at your respective SMS Centre.  To check yours:

Enter this number: *#5005*7672# + press “Call”

Check SMS Centre

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  1. Call Barring

This feature lets you bar all the incoming/outgoing calls on your device. You can set up Call Barring in order to prevent unwanted & annoying calls.

Enter this number: *#33# (Check Call Barring Status)

                               : *33*PIN# (Activate Call Barring)

                               : #33*PIN# (Deactivate Call Barring)

Note: PIN is your SIM Pin, that locks your SIM Card.  Check PIN – Settings > Phone > SIM Pin

Call Barring

  1. Check Minutes for Postpaid

To know the available talk time or remaining minutes on your postpaid connection.

Enter this number: *646#


  1. Check Balance for Postpaid

Applicable for those who want to take care of the balance they have utilized till date. All the postpaid users can check their bill balance by dialing the below digits.

 Enter this number: *225#

  1. Check Balance for Prepaid

We know in today’s time everybody has unlimited pack or connection. Yet for those who have little or limited plan, they can check their account balance by dialing the following number.

Enter this number: *777#


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  1. EFR Mode

Referred as Enhanced Full Rate, by switching to this mode a user can essentially enhance the voice/network quality. However, at the same time, it becomes a top reason to drain your battery. Still want to enable it:

Enter this number: *3370#


EFR Mode
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  1. DND Mode

When you don’t feel like talking or you’re in an important meeting, enable Do Not Disturb Mode. You can find this option in your Settings as well, however to activate quick DND.

Enter this number: *33#


DND Mode
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  1. Instant Factory Reset

In case you want to reset your device, use this secret code to start your phone from all the default settings. Don’t forget to back up your data, before using this iPhone code.

Enter this number: *#*#7780#*#*


  1. Reinstall Your Firmware

In case you think your phone is slowing down day by day or you have a doubt that there might be a chance that your phone is infected with any malware or virus. You can:

Enter this number: *2767*3855#

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  1. Quick Shutdown

This iPhone code is very useful, in case you have damaged power button or facing issue with long pressing power button.

Enter this number: *#*#7594#*#*

  1. Call Recording

Recording those incoming calls can be very helpful in many ways. Eliminate those tedious notes making and start recording voice calls automatically. To do so:

Enter this number: *#*#8351#*#*

  1. Call Directory Assistance

Every cell phone has its own call directory assistance service. You can call on the following number to activate live operator & find info such as phone number, address, directions and more.

Note: You will be charged a nominal price, every time you make a call to utilize this service.

Enter this number: Make call on 411


Call Directory Assistance
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  1. Find the Number of Missed Calls

Practically, it’s not possible for you to attend all the incoming calls. While most cell phones come with in-built functionality to give timely notifications. However, there’s also a secret code to have a list of all the unanswered calls. To check:

Enter this number: *#61# or *#62#


Find the Number of Missed Calls
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So This is The End! 

Each carrier has its own set of dialer codes, we’ve tried our best to compile all the common iPhone secret codes that you can use. Try them and let us know which ones worked on your phone. If more iPhone codes will come in our way, then we will let you know by updating this blog regularly!

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