Backup Email Communication for Disaster Recovery

A recent study showed that over 80% of Internet users use it for communicating via Email. It has definitely emerged as the most important means of (recorded) communication, simply because of speed, ease of use and the negligible cost of communication as against telephone or snail mail. Having said that, email still has a long way to be recognized as a reliable means of communication.

If a computer crashes and only one type of data could be recovered before it finally dies, most users will agree that they will want to save their email. In any office, the most important and sometimes the only communication record, is on email. While making backups, every business user ensures that the email is backed up on a safe media so that it can be used in case of disaster.

Microsoft Outlook has emerged as a very popular application for maintaining email communications. Outlook fetches email from the mail-server and stores it locally on your computer so that it can be accessed later. The emails are stored in a data file format called PST. When any backup is made, it is made from this PST file, which either Outlook automatically created, or is created by the user while adding his email account. This PST can have the default folders like ‘inbox’ and the user created folders. It is important that this PST file is backed up on any external media or on the network storage drive to ensure that an alternate copy of the email, contacts, settings, schedules etc is available in case of an eventuality.

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However, it also poses two larger issues. First, By making copies of the entire PST file, the number of these files will increase with time and the data will only be redundant. Secondly, in case of an eventuality, there will be multiple PST files available and the synchronization of these PST files will not be humanly possible. Considering these two large issues, Systweak has designed an application which makes the management of Email comfortable even for a casual user.

Advanced Email Utilities can

  • schedule backups of entire PST files or selected folders,
  • manage PST files, synchronize multiple PST files on the same computer or across the network,
  • compress PST files to save space,
  • remove duplicates
  • flag messages, individually or based on a date range
  • mark multiple flags on a single message (to remind of multiple actions)
  • run as a Tool Bar inside Microsoft Outlook to provide easy access to perform these tasks

Advanced Email Utilities makes Email Management easy for users who consider email records important but cannot monitor and manage it continuously and proactively because of lack of skills or lack of time. Advanced Email Utilities automates the entire process and users can sleep in peace because their email communication is safe and reliable.

A FREE download of Advanced Email Utilities is available from HERE.

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