Memory Optimization for Faster Speed & Improved Performance

Have you noticed the “After Lunch Syndrome” on your PC ever? When you are working on your system and you step out for a while, the performance of the computer becomes sluggish and the applications respond slowly when you return. Sometimes its just better to restart the computer than to wait for it to perform optimally. A similar problem comes up in servers which can not be switched off or restarted at free will. The high performance servers, which need to be available at all times for critical application, may occasionally start to perform sluggish, slow and unreliable.

Mark Russinovich suggests that this may happen because of the manner in which the Operating System prioritizes availability of Memory (RAM) to the applications services and processes. Though there has been a considerable improvement in the technology and Windows based OS have ‘Prefetch’ and now ‘Superfetch’ with Windows Vista, still the performance of the Computer with continuous use continues to degrade and finally the system has to be rebooted once in a while to flush out the remnants of data from the Memory.

Systweak identified this as an opportunity to serve users and developed Memory Zipper, and then Memory Zipper Plus, which continuously monitors the availability of RAM and optimizes Memory on a regular or need basis.

From the Product’s website: “Memory Zipper Plus recovers the unused memory of your system and improves the response time of your computer. The built-in Data Safe Technology ensures complete reliability and safety of data. It comes with CPU Cooler which cools down the CPU in idle time and also saves power. In addition, if you want to optimize system memory, improve core kernel performance or manage other performance tweaks, Memory Zipper Plus’s integrated suite of functions can get your system run at peak performance levels.”

Memory Zipper Plus is an application which is designed for the Home User who wants to use the PC for non critical applications. The purpose of Memory Zipper Plus is to optimize the output of the Memory, so that the movie watching, Internet browsing, Emailing and Game applications can run better, without adding any new hardware in the system.

However, it still leaves the enterprise users and users with a high-end system, who want to make the most out of their PC viz. High Speed, Reliability, Optimal Performance, Fail-Safe Environment. For the benefit of these users, an advanced version of Memory Zipper Plus was designed, an application which could be used in any environment and trusted with the task of Cache & Memory Management, CacheBoost.

CacheBoost optimizes the Memory & the Cache management functions of Windows based operating systems. It has been designed for all types of computers, whether running 128MB RAM or 8GB RAM (Yes! CacheBoost has been successfully tested to run on computers with 8GB RAM). CacheBoost enables the computer to give rock-solid performance and reliability, by making the most of the existing hardware. The program sits in the System Tray and continues to monitor the Memory. The moment it realizes there is a chunk of memory which can be made available to other applications, it frees it and marks it as ‘available’. This ensures that the applications in the computer get adequate memory whenever required and every Byte of Memory is optimally used, providing better performance, with existing hardware!

To make it even better, CacheBoost uses the Intellisense technology to boost performance. It automatically designs the best performance options for casual users and if the user wants to personalize the settings then there is a manual overdrive for each option. CacheBoost Enterprise is available with the ‘Server Tuning’ options, which enable servers to continue to perform optimally for days, without any intervention.

So now you can say Goodbye to the ‘After Lunch Syndrome’ and stop worrying about adding more Memory to your computer to improve performance. Both these products are available for FREE

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