Optimizing Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista is the latest operating system from Microsoft for PC. It is one of the most awaited and talked about operating systems since it was launched by Microsoft years after Windows XP, one of the most widely used operating systems on PCs today. Microsoft Windows Vista, like any other operating system, also requires tweaking and tuning to make it personal or sometimes to optimising the performance of the operating system.

Systweak has developed Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008, an application which can optimise Microsoft Windows Vista with a single click of the mouse. The Single Touch Vista Optimization includes System Optimization, Management of Start-up Programs, Privacy Protector, Junk File Cleaner, Memory Optimizer and a Tune-up tool for Reasonable Security. All these tools are available in the software as separate applications as well.

Advanced Vista Optimizer Home

The Single Click Optimization process is important for the computer because it helps even a user who does not understand the complicacies of the Operating System but still wants to optimize the performance of the Computer. The Memory Optimizer of the Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 resides in the system and optimizes the memory as per the requirements of the computer, thereby giving freeing additional memory for the applications running in the system.

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 shows the system summary on the home screen and then starts with Single Click Care when the user starts to perform the scan. The scanning speed of AVO 2008 (Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008) is very fast and the results are also accurate.

Advanced Vista Optimizer Scanning

Once the scanning process is complete, the application shows a summary of the results and suggests the solutions as well. Here, with the press of a single button, the user can optimize the performance of the operating system.


Systweak had also developed Advanced System Optimizer, which currently runs in its second version, for optimizing the performance of Microsoft Windows XP. The application is a set of 30+ tools and utilities to optimize the performance of Microsoft Windows XP.

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 is available as a fully functional Beta version from here until the 1st of February. There is also a small contest, for feedback, where the users who submit feedback upon use of the software may win prizes.

All Logos, trademarks, marks and copyrights are a property of their respective owners. Systweak is not affiliated with Microsoft or any of its subsidiaries. Systweak is a Microsoft Certified GOLD Partner.

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