Systweak, Inc. Releases Software to Protect Internet Users

Systweak, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has released their AntiSpyware software, Systweak AntiSpyware 2008, for consumer purchase. This world-class antispyware program is designed to protect Internet users from harmful infections and fulfill the company’s goal of allowing users to focus on “normal PC use,” instead of security administration. AntiSpyware 2008 meets this goal by providing absolute, real time protection and the latest definitions to produce optimum results. In case superior protection is not enough to sway potential customers, AntiSpyware 2008 is also designed to operate with less memory consumption than competitors to provide the users with an optimum Internet experience.

Every day the computers of Internet users around the world become infected with destructive malware. Many of these Internet users may not even realize there is a problem. But the effects show up soon: sluggish computer performance, an increase in the number of pop ups, the addition of a new toolbar and new links in the favorite list are all just a few of the signs which may indicate a serious computer problem. With AntiSpyware 2008, Internet users never have to worry about these harmful infections again.

AntiSpyware 2008 from Systweak provides Internet users with absolute anti-malware protection. This complete protection comes in the form of Systweak’s vast database, ranging from low risk infections which inundate the Internet experience with annoying pop up advertisements, to high risk infections which can result in confidential information being stolen. AntiSpyware 2008 also protects against severe risk threats which can result in the computer system being taken over without the owner’s knowledge.

Systweak also protects Internet users by ensuring the latest definitions on their AntiSpyware 2008. Systweak has done extensive research to develop protection against the latest threats and infections saturating the Internet. Systweak maintains a team of dedicated professionals to ensure updates stay one step ahead of infections.

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