How to detect spyware easily without an AntiSpyware program

Do I Have Spyware or Not?

The best answer to this question would be given by our free trial AntiSpyware program, but we understand your concern, so just in case you want a YES/ NO type of answer, here is what you can do to see if your system is infected with spyware.

The Pop Ups Never Lie

If you see a great deal of pop ups (browser type) showing up even when the browser is closed, then you most certainly have. If the pop ups come in some strange windows saying ‘Windows Messenger’, it doesn’t mean you have spyware in your system.

Login as administrator, go to:
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
and disable the ‘alerter‘ service.

If you have any spyware behaviour according to what you have read so far, install an AntiSpyware program, otherwise read on.

Basic Spyware Signature

The next step in identifying spyware is a bit more technical.

Go to ‘Start’, click ‘Run’ and then type ‘msconfig’. Click on the ‘startup’ tab and click ‘disable all’. After that, click ‘OK’ and reboot your computer.

After the computer reboots, go again in the ‘msconfig’ section and check the ‘startup’ tab once again. If there are some entries checked, than you probably have a spyware or virus infected computer.

If not than you are probably spyware free. Click ‘Enable all’ in the startup tab, reboot and if the malware basic signature was present, install an anti spyware program and an anti virus program, update them to the last available signature list and let them scan. If you haven’t found any signs, it would still be a good idea to run these, but the chances for these programs to find something to chew on are much smaller.

The above information is presented ‘as is’ should be used only in expert guidance.

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