How to Use the Windows Vista Flip 3D Feature Effectively

From the days of Windows 3.1 Microsoft has certainly come a long way. Watching the interface of the new Windows Vista will certainly make you realize it. Unfortunately, with new features, there must also come new efforts to properly optimize your behaviour to use them properly and in an effective manner. The Flip 3D features is most likely one of the most visually stunning features, but as you have probably realized not one of the most effective.

Back and Forward With Windows Vista Programs

The switching between programs with Alt + Tab has been a tradition in all versions of Windows. Windows Vista still actually uses it, in a slightly improved version. However using Alt + Tab in Vista is like using a new and improved steam engine when everybody uses nuclear fusion.

What you probably want to use is the Flip 3D feature. To access it, simply keep the Windows key pressed and then hit TAB repeatedly until you reach the program you want.

As you will soon discover though, this is not a particularly effective mean of accessing a program, especially if you have 15 or 20 programs opened. Further still, the Desktop image which leads to the old ‘Minimize all’ effect is the very last of the windows displayed.

What few people know is that you can go through these windows in reverse order. All that you have to do, is to additionally keep the ‘Shift’ key pressed. This way, the first window you will flip to will be the Desktop itself.

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