Systweak CacheBoost version 5 to Increase Windows Performance without Adding New Hardware

Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, has launched an upgraded software tool, CacheBoost version 5, to improve computer performance without adding any new hardware. Windows has a system to manage the Cache of the computer however after some time the operating system starts to swap the cache onto the disk, defeating the purpose of using a System Cache, an intermediary between I/O devices and the CPU.

CacheBoost Home Screen

CacheBoost manages the System Cache, clearing it from time to time to ensure that the data which is required is in the system cache and there is enough space for new data. CacheBoost ensures that the computer always gives you the ‘JUST BOOTED’ feel. The performance of the system is guarded by the Intellisense technology of CacheBoost, which automatically boosts and improves the performance of the system according to the need of the processes or services.

CacheBoost can Optimize System Memory and System Cache

There is no manual intervention required as CacheBoost is designed to run as a background service. It can boost the performance of Windows based Operating Systems including Windows XP/2000/NT/2003/Vista/2008. It has been tested rigorously on all these operating systems, with RAM installations of up to 8 GB.

ChacBoost can fine tune Windows System

A Free Evaluation can be downloaded from the Systweak web-site by Clicking HERE.

All Logos, trademarks, marks and copyrights are a property of their respective owners. Systweak is not affiliated with Microsoft or any of its subsidiaries. Systweak is a Microsoft Certified GOLD Partner.

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