Systweak Gears to Launch WinDetective

Systweak Inc., a Microsoft Certified GOLD Partner, has announced that it has completed the development of its new Windows Monitoring tool, WinDetective. WinDetective, the latest software from Systweak, is a tool to monitor the activities of a computer in a network. The purpose of the software is to enable the Enterprise to ensure that the sensitive private information is safeguarded against any misuse or unauthorized access or sharing.

The CEO of Systweak, Mr. Shrishail Rana, said,

 “Our intent behind developing WinDetective was to allow Enterprise to ensure that the information which they consider sensitive is protected. Those using that information are aware that their Systems (PCs) are being monitored. This improves the accountability of employees and helps in pin-pointing the source in case of a leak. We designed WinDetective because we realized that with ever increasing avenues to communicate, it was easy for industrial spies to pass on sensitive information or data without being noticed. Installing WinDetective on every system in an Enterprise would mean that every employee would know that the source of a leak can be traced.”

WinDetective is being placed as a deterrent to information leak. Upon asking if the software can be misused, Mr. Rana said, “Power can always be a bane if in wrong hands. Guns are supposed to be a deterrent to crime but they are still being used to kill innocent people. We only wish to provide a tool for Enterprise to increase accountability in the organizations.”

Systweak aims to reach the enterprise audience with the USP of the software as being a Complete Monitoring Tool. WinDetective has modules ranging from a basic key logger and screen shot saver to an advanced network interface which will help the network administrator to monitor any system even from a remote location. WinDetective is expected to hit the stores by Mid-March. The price of WinDetective has not been announced yet, however WinDetective can be expected to retail for US $99.00 for a single PC license.

For more information, please contact Systweak Sales department at, visit Systweak Website or WinDetective Website.

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