What is Windows System Cache Management?

Cache is the intermediary storage between read request from input/Output devices and the Processor. Cache is used to improve the speed of accessing files. Cache is that part of system memory which is reserved by Windows to serve frequently used files faster. Accessing data from a disk is slow when compared to accessing data from memory (RAM), because of the seek and latency times and other I/O delays. Windows ‘caches’ the frequently used files to serve the read requests faster.


Windows accesses your hard disk for reading and writing through its integrated System Cache Management. Unfortunately, Windows XP/NT/2000 file caching shows a misbehavior when handling file operations, as windows allocates main memory for the cache as and when necessary. After some time there are less and less memory resources available for running applications and a bloated cache. If applications request new memory, the system will be forced to swap out currently unused memory areas into the paging file, thus requiring read/write access to the hard disk. This paradox situation leads to a dramatic decrease in system performance, caused by the file caching, which slows down your machine instead of making it faster.

It often happens that you are using the system for the entire day and by the end of it, you find your system performance to be sluggish. This is caused by the memory leaks in applications and the frequent use of different kind of data, which fill the memory, leaving little or no space for critical processes to run comfortably.

This is also known as the ‘After Lunch Syndrome’, where you find your system to perform sluggishly after you leave it on and unattended for an hour or so. Systweak has already launched CacheBoost to help users manage their System Cache in a better manner.

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