Windows Server 2008 Desktop Evaluation Experience III

In the last post, we saw how simple it is to add the Windows Search Service to the OS. It helps in searching the files when needed. For example, the system on which we had installed the server, had about 14 GB of digital music on disks. It took less than five seconds to search for the desired song in that heap.

We will now try to make our Windows Server 2008 look better. We need to add aptly named Features to it. We will add the Desktop Experience and the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Features to the Server. There are a lot of other features which can be added, however we will require only these two right now.


The installation of these Features requires the Server to Restart.




The Server resumes the configuration on restart. It takes some time in adding these two Features.


Like with Adding a role to the server, adding a Feature is also an easy task and doesn’t require much user interference.


Now that we have added the Roles and the features to the server, we will not move on to the next step in customizing our server in the next post.

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