Windows Server 2008 Desktop Evaluation Experience V – Using Windows Search Service

Windows Server 2008 has one of the best and fastest search service integrated in the Operating System. It is fast and precise. Windows Search has been integrated in Windows Vista as well however it is fast and slick in Windows Server 2008.

We had installed the Windows Search Service in this post with the File Services. The Search Service indexes the hard drive and produces the results in no time.

We will type ‘p’, ‘r’, ‘o’ (for program) in the search box in the start menu, and we will find results instantly.


This is after we type ‘p’.


This is after ‘p’ and ‘o’ are typed. You can see that the number of search results has reduced.


This is after we type ‘p’, ‘r’ and ‘o’. We have a small list of options to choose from. Note that search segregates the Programs from Files.

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