Windows Server 2008 Desktop Evaluation Experience VII – Use Easy Passwords and Logon Tweaks

Windows Server 2008 has strong security policies to ensure that there are no security breach and the server can be relied upon. However, this can be problem when using Windows Server 2008 for desktop purposes.

Go to Control Panel in the Start Menu and choose Administrative Tools. In Administrative Tools, there is an item called ‘Local Security Policy’.

Click on Local Security Policy and there are he options to allow a user to logon comfortably in the Operating System.

Click ‘Password must meet complexity requirements” and change the status to Disable.

Click ‘Maximum Password Age’ and change it to ‘0’ days from ’42’ days. This will mean that your password will never expire and you will not have to remember new passwords every 42 days.

In the left pane of the same window, you will see the Security Options as a submenu of Local Policies. This is where we can tweak the Logon screen and Administrator account.

Click on Security Options in the left pane. Scroll to ‘Interactive Logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL’. Double Click on it and change the status from Disable to Enable.

Scroll to top, to ‘Accounts: Rename administrator account’ and double click to open properties. Change the name of the Administrator account to any name that you want to use.

This will complete the transformation of the Windows Server 2008 into one of the best available workstation Operating Systems. Restart the System to let the changes be applied. Remember to login using your new name if you have changed the name of the Administrator account.

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