Windows Server 2008 Desktop Evaluation Experience

We have decided to perform a fresh installation of Windows Server 2008 for our visitors. We have also tried to see how we can use the Operating System on a Desktop system.

Installing the server is the easy part. There is nothing complicated.

The Installation asks for the Product Key before installing.

In case you do not have the product key, you can still install Windows Server 2008. You can enter the key later.

Based on your key, the installation will let you choose between the options available. Since our key was for a Standard Server, our choices were simple. We are installing a Windows Server 2008 Standard (Full Installation).

The Evaluation Version does not allow to upgrade from the current Operating System. The only option is to perform a Custom Install, where the Older Operating System is placed in a folder and saved. This does not destroy any data or previous installations of Windows. It simply installs a clean copy of Windows Server.

The installation does not require much interaction from the User and finishes seamlessly.

We will continue this post.

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1 thought on “Windows Server 2008 Desktop Evaluation Experience”

    George July 22, 2010 at 2:03 pm Well, I totally agree with you but to supplement the words described above I can report that it could make an update from a Windows 7, Ultimate or so .., previously installed. I choose the custom install, too … but the update option became enabled when installing windows 2008 Standard Full Edition. Best regards and thank you for the reviews

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