Windows Vista Tweaks

When Windows Vista begins to bog down on you, there are several Vista tweaks you can do to improve your overall performance.

Clean the Registry
The registry in your computer is a database storing information on user rules, preferences, and file storing habits. The Vista registry stores far more information than any previous operating system, including Win XP. That’s why its essential to keep the registry clean and de-fragmented.

You’ll want to remove unused and old entries, and fix the corrupted entries to keep your system running smoothly. If your registry becomes corrupted, your computer can become useless, so keep your Vista registry clean.

Hard Drive Maintenance
Like all operating systems, Vista stores a ton of information on your hard drive. While hard drives are getting bigger in capacity, it becomes more important than ever to keep them organized, de-fragmented, and running in tip-top shape.

Most people store critical work information, private personal information, and keep entire family photo albums on their hard drives. So, routine hard drive maintenance is important to your everyday life.

File Management
Every time you open a program or create a file, your system creates several temporary files on your computer. After only one month or so, these temp files can accumulate and slow your computer down. To avoid the slow downs from temp files, you can clean the temporary folders regularly without worrying you’re deleting necessary system files.

Vista Start-Up
When you start your Windows Vista computer, does it seem like it takes forever to boot? This is a common problem with Vista and can be tweaked to get a boost in boot speed. You can ensure that your system fetches files before needed to speed boot time. And, it’s important to release the start-up files after it’s complete. This will improve performance and give your start-up a boost.

These are just a few of the Windows Vista tweaks you can perform on your system to improve speed and performance. If you’re unsure of how to complete these tasks, you may want to consider using software that performs all these tasks and then some to ensure your Vista operating system is clean, updated, and running efficiently like Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008.

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