CacheBoost v5 Increases Windows Performance without New Hardware

CacheBoost version 5, a tool to optimize system cache and system memory, has been tested to improve the performance of a Windows System by up to 230% under test scenario, without adding any new hardware. CacheBoost has been designed with Intellisense technology, by a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, to give a performance boost to the Computer without any special settings or configuration, making it an easy to use software for all computer users.


CacheBoost was first released 10 years ago and since then it has helped millions of computer users around the world to harness the power of their existing system. CacheBoost improves the gaming experience by making system cache available to programs for quick read and write of data, making I/O processes fast and improving the response time of the computer. Similarly, the Server settings makes the servers perform faster by prioritizing the allocation of resources to the Services rather than Applications, ensuring better up-time and faster response to server requests.

CacheBoost v5 has a new design and it has been optimized to work with the new Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. CacheBoost’s version 5 has also been tested to support up to 8GB of System Memory, which makes it a Future Ready Investment.

CacheBoost v5 is specially beneficial for Enterprise who are planning to upgrade to the new Operating Systems from Microsoft, but are unable to allocate budgets for the recommended system requirements. CacheBoost v5 helps harness the power of the existing infrastructure to the fullest and replaces the need to upgrade hardware.

CacheBoost v5 is available as a Pro version for Home Users and Enterprise version for the Server Users. More information and FREE DOWNLOAD of trial is available at

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    alex April 14, 2011 at 6:08 pm Just found a new review for CacheBoost Professional and I installed it on my PC, gotta check to see if any performance boost is actually gained.

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