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In this connected world, it is impossible to work without using email. In a recent survey, 74% of Internet users primarily connect to the Internet to send or check received emails. It is however difficult to compile the emails as a hard copy to present before an authority as documentary evidence. The readability of a printed email suffers because all the emails in a conversation do not get printed on separate pages, nor can we choose to print them in chronological order, oldest first, to give it the look of a conversation.


 Advanced Email Printer, a new tool from Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, makes email printing a single click affair. Printing an email is different from printing a regular document because an email is like a conversation with replies and further replies to replies. This becomes a nest of mails and if it is printed as a regular document, it will not be comprehendible. Emails need to be on separate pages, with the oldest email getting printed first, so that the reader can understand the entire conversation. This facility is not available in email clients because they print emails like a regular document. Advanced Email Printer makes the task possible.


Advanced Email Printer works ‘Out of Box’, without any settings or configurations. It gets attached to Microsoft Outlook and with a ‘right click’ on any email, the user can see the menu item to ‘Print Email’. The entire conversation in the email can be printed with the settings as shown above, every mail on individual page, removing extra line breaks and by ordering mails on the basis or time received.

Systweak Advanced Email Printer is specially effective for Lawyers, Insurance Companies and Doctors, who need to print email conversations to present before authorities as legal documents or material evidence. Printing email as a regular document makes it difficult to comprehend and the weight of the evidence gets reduced because of this. A beautifully presented, easy to read set makes the right impression and this is where Advanced Email Printer can help.

Free Download of Advanced Email Printer and more information is available at www.systweak.com/aep/.

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