Free Software to Edit and Manage Digital Pictures and Create Photo Albums

Systweak Photo Album is a free tool to manage digital pictures and create photo albums, which can be stored in a CD/DVD. Photographs are memories, which remind us of all the good times which we have had in life. Those golden moments can never be brought back. Pictures from holiday travel, birthday celebrations, graduating from college, weddings, functions, camping trips, celebrations and occasions are cherished memories which need to managed so that the experience can be relived every time we run through these pictures.

Free Photo Album - Photo Tools 

Systweak Photo Album is a free tool which recreates the magic of the huge Family Photo Albums which are now an item of past. With digital pictures around, there is no way one can keep pictures organized. These pictures are lost in folders on the computer and even there, it is not possible to view them in sequence, add tags, rename them in bulk according to the occasion, keep a track of them or manage them in forms of Albums. It comes with special editing features like Red Eye Reduction, Color Management, Cropping, Resizing etc, which can help you edit the pictures without the knowledge of Picture Editing Software.

Free Photo Album - Photo Tools

With Systweak Photo Album, digital pictures can be compiled into Photo Albums, just like the good old Hard Bound Photo Albums. These pictures can be assorted and tagged for easy reference. It also creates slideshows of these pictures, so that they can be put on a CD and sent to family members who can see them without the need to be tech-savvy.

This FREE Photo Management TOOL can be downloaded from Systweak Website.

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