How can my system get infected from Spyware?

Unlike Virus and other self-replicating software, Spyware usually bundles itself with other software and gets installed with it. Spyware will be packaged with another piece of software that you get or download. What’s more, there are rogue Antispyware available which claim to clean your system of Spyware, but instead behave as Spyware!

It is important to note that Spyware doesn’t usually install automatically. A number of web-sites lure visitors to download a set of FREE goodies to make their system look better, like screen savers, wallpapers, smiley’s, messenger avatars etc. Although most of them ask during installation if you want to install any ‘additional toolbar’ or ‘change your browser home page’, it is ignored for the want of other ‘FREE’ benefits.

It is also possible that your computer may be infected due to an email carrying a Spyware program. Once a computer is infected, the Spyware has control over it and it can use the system in any manner – also to send emails from it. This email may even appear to come from your contact, whose computer is infected. It is common to open attachments saying to contain Greeting Cards, pictures from holidays, screen saver, jokes etc, when it comes from a known source. You would never know if a particular system is infected or the mail is genuine unless you have an Antispyware Software installed for complete ‘Real Time Protection’.

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