Now improve Your System Performance without adding New Hardware

Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Certified Gold partner, has announced the release of an all new CacheBoost version 5, a software utility to manage the system cache in Microsoft Windows operating system. CacheBoost v5 is believed to increase the speed of an existing Windows based system by 230% under test conditions. The utility comes with the ‘Intellisense’ technology, which manages the system cache automatically and keeps the system optimized for use as a server or a workstation or a standalone home computer.


The all new CacheBoost v5 is a utility designed keeping Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 users, who need to have enough system memory and cache available for the Operating Systems to work optimally. Given the recommended system requirements for the new operating systems, it is not possible for companies to upgrade the existing hardware of the entire organization. With CacheBoost’s Intellisense management, the IT managers can save thousands of dollars in upgrade costs by optimally managing the existing hardware with CacheBoost v5.

Cacheboost optimize

CacheBoost was first launched in 2000, and in the past 8 years, the utility has become the choice of millions all around the globe. With integrated MemZip memory manager, CacheBoost takes care of the System Memory and the System Cache at the same time. CacheBoost runs as a service in the background and is preconfigured to run ‘out of box’. Users have to install the utility like any other software and CacheBoost automatically starts optimizing the performance of the system by optimally using the existing hardware.

CacheBoost v5 has been rigorously tested in the labs for all versions of Microsoft Windows from Microsoft Windows XP onwards, including Windows NT/2000/XP Home/XP Professional/XP Media Center/Vista/2003/2008. The Microsoft Windows Server 2008 support has been added to ensure virtualization technologies can be used at fullest. CacheBoost has been tested to optimize System Memory up to 8GB and has been used on machine with up to 16GB of RAM, making it a Future Ready Application.

A Free, Fully Functional Trial of CacheBoost v5 can be downloaded from Systweak Website

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