Server Infrastructure has a New Operating System – FreeNAS, with 6TB Data Storage

We, at Systweak, like to experiment and though we do not have a Virtual Lab with products ‘Graduating’ out of it, we do need to ensure that we have the best of the best infrastructure to be able to develop the best of the best software. We have now added a New Network Access Storage server to the current infrastructure of over 17 online and network servers, and it has a different Operating System – FreeNAS.

FreeNAS server

For the first time, Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, has tried a physical server based on open source software. The configuration of the new System called ‘NetworkStorage’ is also mind boggling.

This system is being used to store the definitions and records of all the application which we test before they can be classified as Spyware or Safe for Systweak Antispyware 2008.

We always require more space to store the ever increasing number of software which we test for classification. There are over 14 million entries of different kinds which we need to store at a location from where the testing team, development team, classification team and the verification team can access them quickly. All these required a server which doesn’t waste resources in OS or other service management and can divert all resources towards file services.

Systweak Antispyware 2008 has a team of over 30 people working on it, to ensure that there are regular updates and the customers’ can rest assured that their Computers will not be affected by any spyware, malware, trojan, adware or other software which may invade their privacy and steal their personal data or financial details.

Systweak Inc has over 30 Utilities and Tools, which can be used to optimize and improve the performance of your computer. These tools can be downloaded for evaluation from

A Free Download of Systweak Antispyware 2008 can be downloaded from

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