What can I do to protect my computer and my personal and sensitive details from Spyware?

The best way to protect your computer is to avoid downloading anything unless you are sure of the authenticity of the developing company or have read enough reviews about the product. It is like militarization of your Computer, however we all know that it is not possible to still remain immune. You might get an email from an acquaintance whose computer is infected and the attachment may also infect your computer without your knowledge.

A better way is to always run an Anti-Spyware tool along with a good Anti Virus, and keep all definitions updated. While installing any software, ensure that you read every disclosure, the terms of use and all the other details. Sometimes customizing the application to suit your needs also helps. Instead of clicking ‘next’ to install with the default set of features, try to customize the application when you install something new. It will tell you all the details of the software being installed and also tell you what other things are being installed along with it.

Spyware are like spies in the real world, they would penetrate your system without your knowledge. It is important to frisk any piece of code that you allow to rest on your computer like you would check strangers coming into your office. Trust, but verify!

To confirm that your computer is not infected by any Spyware, you can run the Systweak Antispyware Scan. A Free Download is available HERE.

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