Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 and Optimizing Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is the biggest release from the software giant since its inception. Windows Server 2008 is meant for enterprise and has been improved completely to perform faster and better. It supports technologies like Hyper-V and virtualization, which are expected to radically change the digital world. Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 is the latest application suite from Systweak which is aimed at optimizing the performance of Windows Vista based computers.

With tools like Disk De-fragment, Memory Optimizer, Junk File Cleaner, Privacy Protector, Hard Disk Monitor, Secure File Shredder, File Encryption, Duplicate File Finder, and 25+ other tweaks to make Windows Vista Faster, Safer, more Stable and Reliable, it was but obvious that Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 should also be tested on Windows Server 2008.

The purpose is to provide the users of Windows Server 2008 with a software option to tweak and tune their Operating System according to their requirements, without navigating through various windows. The Single Click Care feature of Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 works equally well when used on the Windows Server 2008.

The Registry De-fragment tools makes the OS error-free and ensures that the server uptime is increased for critical applications. While running the Memory Optimizer it was noticed that the performance of the system was more stable and the slag which starts to build up in a machine running continuously for weeks is reduced significantly.

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 is available as a FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD from the Systweak Website.

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