Disk Defrag in Windows for Slow Computer

Microsoft has articles discussing Disk Defrag for Windows to make a slow computer perform better. Disk Defrag is the process of arranging files in unitary sets, where all files are arranged in single sequences. In one of the articles HERE, Disk Defrag is explained as:

“…Computers tend to save changes to a file to the largest continuous space on the hard disk, which can often be in a different place than where other parts of the file are stored. Over time, your hard disk can become “fragmented,” which means that your files are scattered in pieces across your hard disk. Every time you go to access a file, then, your computer must search the entire hard disk to find all the pieces related to that file.

Excessive fragmentation slows down your computer’s response time, so it’s a good idea to defragment your hard disk regularly…”

Disk Defrag - Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008

Microsoft includes a disk defrag tool with the Windows operating system. If you want to use this free tool, which is included in your copy of Windows, to turn your slow computer into a fast beast, then you may read the following article:

How to Defragment Your Disk Drive Volumes in Windows XP.

However, the reason why Systweak decided to include a Disk Defrag with Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 is because in Microsoft’s own words:

The version that is included with Windows XP and later provides limited functionality in maintaining disk performance by defragmenting volumes that use the FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file system

The version of Disk Defragmenter MMC that is included with Windows XP has the following limitations:

  • It can defragment only local volumes.
  • It can defragment only one volume at a time.
  • It cannot defragment one volume while it is scanning another.
  • It cannot be scheduled.
  • It can run only one MMC snap-in at a time.

Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 can be downloaded from HERE for Disk Defrag and 40+ other tweaks and tips to make your slow computer perform better. 

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