Free Download of Technical Guides to Optimise PC Performance

At Systweak, the most important task is to keep an eye on detail and to ensure that the development process is always preceded by extensive research. Systweak has been doing this since it designed and developed the first software, MemZip, way back in 1997. The research was sometimes documented in a form to be made available to the customers as well. Some of these documents are still available on the Systweak Website. A Technical Guide to help you understand Windows Registry or CPU Over-Clocking to maximise performance are available as Free Download. Systweak has always designed software for Computer Optimisation. The purpose of software development has been to unlock the power of PC to maximize output from the current hardware.

CacheBoost, now in version 5, is a product which has been designed to improve the performance of the computer without adding any new hardware. CacheBoost unlocks the power of the PC and makes the computer fast and more stable giving a more reliable system, be it a server or a workstation. It even makes the laptops work faster and ensures that the battery is saved by reducing unnecessary disk activity.

For the time being, we present the Systweak Technical Guides, which will help you understand how technology worked in the last century and how we tried to help users in the days of Microsoft Windows 98.

THE GUIDE! CHM Format PDF Format Help Files
FAT32 and Hard disk Guide
Tweaking guide to PC
The Hardware Guide
Mystery Behind Over clocking – A Guide
Mystery Behind Windows Registry – A Guide
Internet Ad Guide
FrontPage Themes
HTML Comment Remover
Zip File Repair Utility
Floppy Disk Data Recovery Tool
HTML Help Update (Requires Internet Explorer Version 3.0 or above)
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