Optimize Windows Server 2008 – Download CacheBoost Enterprise Server Now!

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 has been widely appreciated for its speed and the support for latest technologies. However, as with any machine or software, the all new Operating System may require optimization of Windows Server because regular use may make the Windows Server slow, tardy and unreliable. A slow server needs more maintenance and the downtime increases. Systweak CacheBoost has now been tested to work with Windows Server 2008. The performance of the server significantly improves when CacheBoost service is running.

Download CacheBoost Professional Edition

CacheBoost Server edition is meant specifically to optimize Windows Server performance. It doesn’t require any intervention from the user and can run in the background. This service continuously optimizes the performance of the computer and makes sure that the Server can perform all tasks without any problem.

Download CacheBoost Professional Edition

The Enterprise Server Edition of CacheBoost has been developed specifically for servers because the ‘IntelliSense’ Optimization of Windows Server had been a major requirement. The hardware resources of a Server can not be upgraded at ease and therefore it is important that the existing hardware be used optimally for best utilization of resources, even when using the Virtualization Technologies.

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