Print Emails like a Pro

Advanced Email Printer is downloadable software that will revolutionize email. This software works with Microsoft Outlook to help you manage how messages are stored, displayed, organized and printed.

It is meant for professionals who manage multiple projects, Lawyers are just one example, who can benefit tremendously from Advanced Email Printer. The ability to sort emails according to cases, store crucial evidence in a logical manner and print emails in either chronological order or reverse chronological order helps to ensure the lawyer does not miss any emails which may help him win his case for a client.

  • Arrange Conversation Thread Order
    • Advanced Email Printer gives the user the ability to control the order of conversation threads. These threads can be arranged in either chronological order or reverse chronological order according to user preference.
  • Print Email Thread Contents in Sequence
    • Users of Advanced Email Printer have a couple of options available to them when printing out the contents of a thread. Each email can be printed on a separate page or the emails can be printed without a page break between emails.
    • Also, the emails may be printed in chronological order or reverse chronological order.
  • Arrange Email Header Order
    • Advanced Email Printer allows the user to sort emails by sender name or conversation topic. The user can not only determine whether to sort by sender name or conversation topic but can also determine whether the emails are assorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Preview Display can be Customized
    • Advanced Email Printer the user to determine how the previews are displayed. The user has the option to set the preview so each email is displayed on a separate page or so the emails are combined and page breaks are not inserted between each email.
  • Printing Properties Superior to Basic Windows Options
    • Advanced Email Printer offers printing properties beyond the basic options available through windows. When using Advanced Email Printer the user can still take advantage of all of the Windows page setup and printer setup options available but can also remove blank lines in the email before printing. This will help to prevent wasted paper and messages which are difficult to read.
  • Exclusive Treatment for Sent Items Folder
    • The sent items folder receives exclusive treatment when using Advanced Email Printer. This means the sent emails can be sorted independently of the emails of the inbox. This treatment also applies to sub-folders in the sent items folder.
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