Why do YOU need Advanced Email Printer…

Microsoft Outlook is the default desktop email client for most users of Microsoft Windows Operating System. MS Outlook already provides a ‘Print Email’ option for printing emails. In that case, why would a user need Advanced Email Printer? Here is Why!

Email Printing Solution - Download Advanced Email Printer Now

Advanced Email Printer works as an add-in to MS Outlook. The context menu option also makes it fully compatible with other installed plug-ins to provide additional benefits which work in conjunction with all of the available plug-ins.

With Advanced Email Printer, the user can organize emails according to threads which focus on the same topic. This feature enables the user to ensure information is not lost in the shuffle of emails. It also helps to make it easy to follow a conversation and ensure no pertinent information is lost. These threads can then be sorted either in chronological order or reverse chronological order according to user preference. Then before printing the thread, the user can preview the entire thread on one page or multiple pages.

Advanced Email Printer allows the user to sort emails by sender name or conversation topic. The user can not only determine whether to sort by sender name or conversation topic but can also determine whether the emails are assorted in ascending or descending order.

Email Printing Solution - Downlaod Advanced Email Printer Now

The sent items folder receives exclusive treatment when using Advanced Email Printer. This means the sent emails can be sorted independently of the emails of the inbox. This treatment also applies to subfolders in the sent items folder.

Advanced Email Printer offers printing properties beyond the basic options available through windows. When using Advanced Email Printer, the user can still take advantage of all of the Windows page setup and printer setup options available but can also remove blank lines in the email before printing. This will help to prevent wasted paper and difficult to read messages.

More information about Advanced Email Printer and a FREE Download of the software can be found HERE

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