Wilmington Software Acquires WinDetective, PC Monitoring Tool, from Systweak Inc

In a new series of events, Wilmington Software has acquired WinDetective, an Industry Standard Computer Monitoring Tool, from Systweak. Systweak Inc had recently announced that it was prepared to launch WinDetective, a complete monitoring and recording solution for Windows based PCs. Mr. Chandan Garg, who is Vice President at Systweak, explained the decision as a move to align the products of the company with its core competence, PC Optimization and Maintenance. “This transfer of rights of WinDetective will allow Systweak to focus on Windows Optimization and Compute Maintenance products. We are committed to our customers who’ve put their trust in us since last decade”, Mr. Garg said. He refused to disclose the financial arrangement of this transfer.

WinDetective - Wilmington Software Home Page

Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, leads the PC Optimization and Maintenance category for Windows based PC. Their newest release, Advanced Vista Optimizer, has been reviewed as the best Optimizer for Vista by most Reviewers. Advanced System Optimizer also leads the Optimizer category for Windows XP, 2K3 and NT. Systweak had earlier announced that WinDetective will be ready for a public release by Mid-May. The announcement of transfer of rights comes just when the product was about to be released. The website of Wilmington Software, wilmingtonsoftware.com, is prepared for a release of WinDetective. It already has a section where the product can be reviewed and downloaded from.

WinDetective is PC Monitoring and Surveillance software. It is targeted towards enterprises who wish to monitor the employees, record digital transactions and secure their IP from unauthorized access or theft. It can also be used by parents to monitor their children, considering the rising threat of privacy theft on the Internet and other cyber crime. WinDetective is also suitable for Couples, who wish to learn about partner’s activities on Internet or computer, to maintain a happy and doubt-free relationship.

There was no spokesperson available from Wilmington Software to comment on this deal at the moment. It is believed that Wilmington Software is a venture of 3 computer enthusiasts of Indian origin, based out of Wilmington, Delaware. The company plans to develop software for monitoring and surveillance of PCs, mobiles, PDAs and other electronic devices. The company is believed to have already partnered with big corporations in US for licensing and installation of WinDetective.

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