What is So Good About Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the latest Operating System from Microsoft for Desktop Computers. Although people find it difficult to understand why Microsoft had to come up with a Service Pack of the Operating System, Windows Vista is a more reliable and stable OS as compared to its predecessor, Microsoft Windows XP. We, at Systweak, have been using Windows Vista since its launch and we at least we have found it to be a better Operating System for Desktops.

Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 - Systweak

Among the best features of Windows Vista is the integrated Search, which makes it easy to find information and use it without any effort. With the ever increasing data on a system, it becomes very difficult to search for a particular file. With Windows Vista’s integrated Search, it is easy to search for a program or a file and it can be done directly from the Start Menu!

Although it took some time, the hardware compatibility of the Operating System has improved greatly. On an old computer, the latest drivers were automatically downloaded and installed via Windows Update Service. Not a single piece of hardware required any installation. This was a nice surprise after the tough experiences of Windows XP.

The Operating System appears to be slightly slow, probably because of the expectation have been very high from this one. We didn’t do any comparative tests because we anyway use Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008 to optimize our copies of Windows Vista.

We will continue to tell you about more features of Windows Vista, like the AERO effect and the all new Network Management Console, in the next few posts.

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