Optimize Vista for a Fast Computer

Windows Vista is latest operating system from Microsoft. We, at Systweak, have been trying to ensure that your computer is always optimized for better performance. We realized that there were a few things in Windows Vista which could be optimized for better performance.

Advanced Vista Optimizer - Vista Registry Optimizer

These tweaks are recommended so as to make sure that the performance of the Vista system is optimized and improved over time.

Memory Optimization

With high memory usage of the operating system, it is important that the memory is optimized at all times to provide enough resources to the applications and programs.

Registry Optimization

The registry fragments also reduce the performance of the system. By registry defrag you can ensure that the Registry is optimized at all times and the startup and shutdown time of the computer are reduced. Also, with optimized registry, the overall performance of the computer can increase manifold.

Disk Optimization

Similar to Registry and Memory, the data in your disk drive can get fragmented. The files can be broken into parts, getting stored at different places. It is important that you de-fragment your disk to ensure that your files are all contiguous and optimized. If the files are broken into parts then the disk will take more time in reading them and it can drastically affect the performance of your computer.

All these optimization tools are available in Systweak Advanced Vista Optimizer 2008. We have included these modules because without them, any optimization tool may seem incomplete. To get the maximum performance from your Vista Computer, we recommend using Advanced Vista Optimizer at least once month, to optimize your computer.

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