The HP MediaSmart Server (EX 470/475) is a great toy available at a great price. But it is often unsuitable when it comes to performance. We’ve already shed a lot of intel on how to upgrade this wonderful box’s RAM. Now its high time to dig deep and upgrade the processor!

The HP stable has loaded the MediaSmart Server with a mere 1.8 Ghz AMD Sempron 3400+ processor, which is never meant to support your demand (certainly not mine!).

So what we will do is swap this old piece of waste with a brand new 2.6 Ghz AMD LE-1640.

So what are we waiting for, let’s begin!

Installation Instructions

Hey! Before starting off don’t forget to get yourself a #00 Philips screw-driver. It is really essential.

  1. We have already discussed how to get into your HP EX 470/475 in the article “How to upgrade the RAM”. Follow the steps in that article to get your hands on the memory module and the motherboard.
  2. Now unplug the large 20 pin power supply from the motherboard to remove any hindrance during your operation.
  3. After that what we have to do is unscrew the 4 spring loaded screws to disassemble the processor’s heat sink. Gently twirl the heat sink to get it off from its position. Be extra careful as if you put too much muscle into it, you may damage the motherboard beyond repair.
  4. The old thermal past now must be cleaned off. You may use isopropyl alcohol for that. Since I forgot that, I finally used some of my vodka to good use!
  5. Now you will need to move the lever that locks the processor in place. Move it until it locks in place, almost perpendicular to the board.
  6. With all the barriers out of the way, you can now remove the processor quite easily.
  7. With utmost care, let’s bring the new brain into action. Orient it carefully with respect to the socket, so that it easily fits in. Be really careful as the processor’s pin may bend if you fail to mind the orientation. Do not uses force whatsoever while doing this. If it does not fit, just realign the processor so that it simply drops into the socket.
  8. Now lock the lever to bind the processor in place.
  9. Just as you had removed the heat sink, you need to put it back in place. Use a bit of commonsense and you should be done with this in no time.
  10. Simply connect the power supply jack back in place and you are ready to follow the backtracking steps as mentioned in the previous article “How to upgrade the RAM” to reassemble the Server box.

Now, simply power up your refurbished MediaServer and enjoy the full throttle 2.6 Ghz processor in action.

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