The Windows Home Server marketplace has a host of geeky toys vying for user’s attention, one of the best of which is of course the HP EX470/475 MediaSmart Server. However this great piece of hardware is not meant to suit power users who like put their hardware through some rough weather. The factory installed 512 MB of RAM is really not meant to cut through the dense fog.

HP however claims that the RAM is not upgradeable. Why don’t we just prove those marketing gimmicks as unworthy fakes!

Recommendation: If you are not willing to curve a deep hole trough your pockets, you should opt for Patriot 2GB DDR2 or a G.Skill 2GB memory modules.

Before we launch off, here is a commendable warning that I must add. I should warn you that if you lack geeky eyesight and are afraid to take the risk of diving into the server’s hardware jungle, you should overlook this entire article to avoid your mandatory heart attack for the time being.

Step by Step Instructions

Are you still there? Great! Let’s begin kick-start our proceedings

  1. Firstly, cut the power of your box, and place it somewhere suitable and clean, to dig into the heart of the matter.
  1. Unfasten the front panel flap.
  1. Unbolt the system drive.
  2. Remove all of the drives one by one.

TIP: You may suffer a disaster, if you mix up the drives upon removal. So make sure to stack them up in the order you remove each one.

  1. Take away the box’s top by sliding open the silver plate.
  1. Mark the 2 fan cables with 2 different colored markers and remove them from the drive’s back pane.
  1. Take out the wire/cable that controls the drive’s LEDs.
  1. Now you need to turn the two plastic levers at the sides (mine are blue colored) around 90°.
  1. Lift up the drive back plane from the drive bay, thus removing it from the motherboard.
  1. Unscrew the right side of the front grate by removing the 2 black screws using a small #00 Phillips head screwdriver. Gently remove the front grate and you’ll notice that it is attached to the I/O board LED controller cable, which you need to unplug before removing the grate completely.
  1. Now remove the screws which are used to hold the motherboard in place.
  1. You need to remove the motherboard now. However if you come upon some resistance, just shake gently from side to side as you are pulling it out. Now you have the heart in your hand awaiting further operation. Put the motherboard on a clean work surface.
  1. Swap the existing memory module with your new stick. Be certain that it is well seated in the socket.
  1. Now all that is left to do is to put your machine back together by reversing steps through the steps.

Hope you are now well on route to rig your home server hardware.

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