Google Chrome – New Browser from Search Giant

imageBy the time we could finish writing about Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 beta, we learnt that the Internet search giant, Google, had released their browser Chrome as a public beta.

It was not surprising to see the browser from the Internet Search Giant, as the company was already into web services and it was imperative that they should have done this before. The Internet browser space already has multiple applications available, Windows Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera being the most popular of them.

Google Chrome - Systweak Blog

Google Chrome is an open source browser and they have stated on their website that they have used components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla FireFox. Google says that they have started from scratch to build this browser because people are doing things, which didn’t exist when the first browsers were designed.

Among the important features of Google Chrome, the tabbed browser keeps every tab independent from another. This means that if you are working on an important email and suddenly your tab with the Stock Quotes crashes, you can comfortably keep on working in the email tab. This is essentially because the Chrome is not multi-threaded but Multi-Process. Each tab that you open is a process in itself, and they are all independent of each other.

This means better utilization of Memory as well. When you open multiple tabs in a browser, the traditional browser allocates Memory to the tab. This Memory gets freed when you close the tab. However, over time, there are bit of Memory still used up by the remnants of the closed tabs. This calls for the Operating System to allocate more Memory to the browser. With Chrome, you can close a tab and the entire process gets killed and the Memory is free for other purposes. This Memory Management is like CacheBoost, which manages all the processes in the Operating System, including the browser, and you can expect the best utilization of your system’s Memory.

The browser has been designed to make java-script applications faster, and it has a really neat UI. The lack of buttons is surprising and it is its good to see a browser without the Title Bar, which means that there will be more screen space for browsing pages. In the default mode, the browser doesn’t even have a status bar!

The company claims that Chrome is more secure and it will keep away the malware and phishing

sites. Chrome also has a Incognito mode, which is like the InPrivate browsing from Microsoft in Windows Internet Explorer 8. The browser will not save the history of your activities if you are browsing in the Incognito Mode. If you are using a traditional browser, or you wish to clean the traces of your activities on your computer, you can use WinClean Pro. It can clean your computer of recent activities and Internet traces, to secure your privacy.

Chrome also has a Speed Dial like Opera, which gets filled automatically with the most visited links, or you can also choose to set your favorite pages there. There is a very nice comic strip about Chrome, which takes you under the hood of Chrome. It is available HERE.

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