Protect Your Computer for FREE with Advanced System Protector

Systweak Inc, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has released Advanced System Protector, a COMPLETELY FREE tool to scan and clean your Windows based Computer and protect you from any Spyware, Malware, Internet Threat, BHO, or other malicious infections.

FREE Download Systweak Advanced System Protector

Advanced System Protector is a Free security tool to protect your Windows System from all types of Spyware, Adware, Key Loggers, Browser Hijackers, Malware and other malicious programs that may be spying on your system. Advanced System Protector has Real Time guards, which can protect your Computer from any infection before it can cause any harm.

What makes Advanced System Protector different from other System Security Applications?

IT IS FREE! Yes, Advanced System Protector is absolutely free to scan and clean your system. You can run Advanced System Protector an unlimited number of time, for an unlimited period, without paying a cent for it.

FREE Regular Updates! Advanced System Protector will be updated regularly to ensure that your computer is always secure. This happens because we have an in-house lab of professional Security Experts, whose job is to test code over the Internet and ensure that the bad code is marked as bad in time.

Largest Published Data on Spyware and Malware! Advanced System Protector is backed by Systweak Spyware Library, one of the largest databases of spyware and malware on the Internet. It is a small example of our research and efforts to protect users.

Spyware LibrarySpyware Library


Why is Advanced System Protector FREE?

At Systweak, we have always believed that using a Computer should be about productivity, speed and enjoyment. If a user has to think about safety and be concerned of her data, there is no use of technology. Technology should be helping a user and should not pose as a threat. We have Award Winning software for Computer Optimization, which are among the best in category. We believe that it is a part of our responsibilities to provide the users with an EASY option to safeguard their computers against any threat. We also have the PRO Edition of Advanced System Protector available for US$ 29.95. This version has extra Shields’ Protection to provide real-time security to the users.

Where is the Catch?

There is NO Catch. The software is free and we will NEVER ask you for any email address, credit card number, registration or usage information. We will not spam you or charge you for anything, which has been declared as free here. Advanced System Protector Personal Edition is and will be FREE. We have a PRO edition, which comes with the extra Shields’ Protection, which is available for $29.95.

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  1. I think this kind of softwares is very important, especially “Spyware”, it’s very reliable program and do good this in background, and protect the computer against any attack.
    Really it’s very fantastic software.

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