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Advanced System Protector, the free antispyware with free scan for spyware and free spyware removal, has been featured by CNET on the home page.


Advanced System Protector, Free Antispyware, featured on


The review by Seth Rosenblatt starts with “This spyware remover looks good and offers security fundamentals”.

This free Antispyware has been applauded for its design and ease of use everywhere. There is one Single button with almost all the default settings in place, so that a novice user can stay secure without worrying about the complicacies of Computer Security. For an experienced user, the custom scans allow the option to chose areas and sections to scan. It is also possible to exclude / white-list certain files, which are being flagged as spyware.

Another feature which is being noted everywhere is the ability to schedule the scans. There are various options available for the user to schedule an automatic scan so that the idle time of the computer can be used in maintaining optimum system security.

The small size and the vast database make the software easy to install and update. The scan speed is quick and it is easy to clean the computer of any spyware which is found. The Advanced System Protector is backed by a Spyware Library, which is a vast database of Spyware Definitions. Any user who needs more information about infections found in the system can search and browse through this spyware library for more information and understand why a particular file is being flagged.

A Free Download of Advanced System Protector is available at Advanced System Protector Download Page.

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    Spyware Blockers May 26, 2010 at 6:03 pm I find Spybot search and destroy to be good at spyware removal, its free and can imunise your pc before it dets infected. Nice informative post you have written there. Added you to my rss reader 🙂
     Melatonin August 19, 2010 at 11:03 pm What is the best spyware today anyway? i need to remove this trojan that infected my pc*,`

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