Advanced System Optimizer V2 Free Update

We recently released an important update for the customers of Advanced System Optimizer v2. This update was provided to all the customers of Advanced System Optimizer, who have been with Systweak since 2004.

It appears that the intent of the mail was not clearly communicated. We offered a free update to all the paying customers of Advanced System Optimizer so that we could bring all the customers in sync with our endeavors. Technology changes, and so we improve our software to be at par with it. We have pushed a similar update this time. We want to make sure that as a customer, you get the best in class products, ALWAYS. We have released the same update on our website for the non-paying customers, who wish to evaluate the software before making a choice.

There are many customers, who have faced a registration problem after updating to the new version. Their paid version, which entitles them to free updates, converted to a 30 Day trial version in some cases.

We wish to inform you that your license of Advanced System Optimizer is still valid and this is a completely Free Update.

You have purchased Advanced System Optimizer and as a licensee, you get to use the version 2 and receive the updates till the life of this version. In case you are facing a problem with the license of your Advanced System Optimizer, please write a mail to with the details of your purchase (Name, Email Address, Date of Purchase, Order ID etc) and we will send you fresh registration details.

The reason we updated Advanced System Optimizer at this time is because we have addressed some compatibility issues and included a check for update button. This will make it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the current version and your PC will always be optimized, performing at its best!

The reason why the registration information changed for some customers is because we released a few updates in the past and probably had not updated, making their copy old for this update. Another reason that we are contemplating is that a few compatibility issues that we addressed in this update may have caused the old license to expire. In either case, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We will be prompt in responding to your queries and will ensure that you get your Registration details ASAP.

We thank you for your patronage and wish to reassure you that Systweak INC will not resort to unlawful or unethical measures. We value you, our customers, and we will always inform you and take your consent before making any change to your system or license or usage rights.

Please download the Free Update for Advanced System Optimizer from the mailer, or download it from the Systweak website. Our Customer Support is always happy to assist you in case you have any difficulties.

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2 thoughts on “Advanced System Optimizer V2 Free Update”

    Dale Alexander May 14, 2012 at 9:42 pm I am very pleased with the system I purchased. It certaily keeps me going.

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