Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009 with Power Tools – What are Power Tools?

Systweak In has released the latest version of Advanced Vista Optimizer, the AVO 2009. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Systweak has ensured that the all new Vista Optimizer has the features to make Windows Vista a more convenient and an easy to maintain Operating System. Advanced Vista Optimizer includes a set of Power Tools, which are not available in the trial version. These tools include Systweak Photo Studio, Advanced Email Backup, Visual Settings Customizer and Program Settings Customizer.

These tools have been developed by Systweak as a part of the ongoing PC improvement application development process. Systweak Photo Studio, for example, is among the best tools to help you play around with your Digital Pictures. There may be many tools available to manage your pictures in albums or in online groups, but there is little that you can do to edit your pictures beyond crop and red eye reduction. Systweak Photo Studio has over 65 small setting that can help you change your pictures completely. It has batch processing capabilities, which means that you can change an entire group of pictures, rename or resize or rotate or edit, without applying changes to them one by one. It also allows you to undo all the changes that you apply to the pictures, ensuring that you never miss the original picture.

Advanced Email Backup is another utility that has become the necessity for home and business users alike. In this connected world, Email is the most important means of communication. Losing a mail can be a real pain, imagine losing all of them. Advanced Email Backup helps you backup your emails to a CD/DVD or via FTP on the internet. You can restore your mails in case of a disaster and rest assured that you will never miss any email again. It means peace of mind and the surety that even in case of any unfortunate event, you will be able to revert in no time.

The customizations to programs and visual settings are a way to make your copy of Windows Vista more personal. There are numerous changes in this new operating system that make it more visually appealing than any other operating system ever. It is however difficult for a normal user to look for those changes in the settings in control panel and other locations. The customizations made available in these two dashboards ensure that you get all the settings at one place and you do not have to be a  real computer geek to make the most of your Windows Vista.

You can Download a fully functional copy of Advanced Vista Optimizer and use it free for 15 days. To use the Power Tools, you will have to purchase a license for $34.95 (you may be lucky to get a discount of 20%, check now!).

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