One-Click Cure for Slow PCs

One-Click Cure for Slow PCs

Systweak has released Advanced System Optimizer v. 3, a multi-functional system performance and optimization suite for Windows. This collection of tools lets you supercharge your PC’s performance, enhance its security, tweak and optimize its settings, and customize and personalize your screens.

New features in version 3 include a comprehensive driver updater, a game optimizer that enhances the speed and fun of computer game-playing, and unique file and folder recovery tools that are not available in other Windows optimization software.

Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner makes your system more stable by cleaning out the bad Registry entries that build up each time you install and uninstall software. The program’s Registry Optimizer defragments and rebuilds your Registry, making your entire system run more smoothly and quickly.

The program includes four powerful tools to clean and optimize your hard drives. The System Cleaner removes clutter and unnecessary files from your PC, allowing it to run more quickly. The Disk Optimizer defragments your hard drive, keeping it running efficiently. The Disk Tools checks your hard drive at startup, and ensures that errors are detected and corrected. The Disk Explorer tells you which files and folders are taking up too much space, and makes it easy to manage disk usage.

Advanced System Optimizer’s Windows Optimizers keep Windows running faster. The Driver Updater ensures that all of your hardware devices have up-to-date drivers. The Memory Optimizer ensures that memory is released properly when you stop running each program on your system. There is even a Game Optimizer that creates a special environment so that games run faster.

The software has four Security and Privacy tools to protect you from malware and identify theft. Advanced System Optimizer’s System Protector provides realtime protection against spyware, trojans, and other malware. The Privacy Protector erases your Internet history and other private files that could be used to track your online activities. The Secure Delete function permanently deletes files and folders, and wipes their disk space so that these files can never be recovered. The Secure Encryptor lets you add password protection to sensitive files.

Advanced System Optimizer has a number of built-in backup and recovery tools that ensure that your information is safe, even if your hard drive crashes. The program can back up all of the important files that you create, as well as the system files that Windows needs to start and run your computer. The Undelete function lets you restore files that you accidentally deleted. You can even save files from deleted partitions.

The application has a handy database of common computer problems, and their cures. There is a Security Advisor that scans your system for security weaknesses, and advises you on how you can change settings to protect your privacy. Advanced System Optimizer can remove duplicate files from your hard drive, and keep it running more efficiently.

By making it simple to do routine management on your system, Advanced System Optimizer keeps your computer running smoothly. You can manage the Windows Startup process, ensure that programs are uninstalled properly, and automatically schedule your detection and maintenance scans.

Whether you’re a business person who needs to ensure that the company’s computer is running optimally, a home computer user who worries about the software that your children are installing on the system, or a student who wants to ensure that your computer is optimized for peak performance, Advanced System Optimizer has the tools that you need.

Advanced System Optimizer v. 3 runs under XP/Vista/Windows 7, costs $49.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online from You can download a trial version from the same web address.

To learn more about Advanced System Optimizer v. 3, visit  contact Systweak, Inc., E-73, Chitranjan Marg, ‘C’-Scheme, Jaipur – 302001 India. Phone: +91-141-2329714Fax: +91-141-4068007 Email:

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About Systweak:

Since 1999, Systweak has been developing and marketing Windows software for home and business users. The company delivers media and data organization services, as well as turnkey web, security, and business solutions. Systweak is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

In addition to Advanced System Optimizer, the company also offers the Systweak Sypware Library  a free resource that lets you combat spyware and keep your computer safe; Advanced System Protector, a powerful application that detects and removes malware threats from your Windows PC; Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009, a utility with more than 40 tools for cleaning and optimizing Vista; and CacheBoost Professional, an intelligent memory cache manager for Windows. For more information, visit.

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    Pankaj Gupta October 31, 2009 at 12:14 pm i am using a trial version It fails to download spyware definitions from internet as i m behind a proxy firewall Is there a way to download and install definitions for offline use ? I dont need regular updates but i can once a while if possible download update file and use it… Please Help
    jose November 15, 2009 at 8:12 pm Sorry bot , i’, retaiment, no free, no used
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    Yiannis March 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm Hi, I am using a trial version and I proceeded with some Windows Optimizations via ASO 3. The problem is that WIndows do no to shut down. How can I restore these optimazations. Take notice that I did not optimize via PC Optimization.
    Bill Nicholson August 12, 2010 at 7:29 pm I am trying to use ASO3 with Trend Micro PC-cillin. Trend Micro is trying to block everything ASO3 is trying to do, even though I have put it on the Allow list. Is Trend Micro compatible with ASO3?
    Anne Morrison January 4, 2013 at 1:45 am I cannot Register, or cancel my payment, so can you help me out please. Anne
      admin January 8, 2013 at 12:37 pm Dear Anne I suggest you to raise a ticket on which is available 24/7. Our support team will assist you with the problem you are facing.

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